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Looking for a secure, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution that would ensure lasting success, one that meets your needs and the highest patient care standards? Opt for custom software engineering services, and do not sacrifice quality while balancing innovation and compliance. Enhance remote care with bespoke telehealth solutions by Binariks – an experienced telemedicine software development company.

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  • Binariks telemedicine software development services

    Electronic health records are a crucial concept in improving the applicability of telemedicine. Especially now that 95% of US physicians use EHR systems.

    Integrating your telehealth platform with EHR software facilitates the exchange of diverse patient data — including medical history, lab results, biometric data, radiology images, etc. — via secure messaging and reputable file transfer protocols.

    With Binariks, you will get robust custom telemedicine software providing quick and secure access to EHRs from any authorized device.

    Boost patient engagement with custom telemedicine solution

    Telemedicine software features we provide

    In the fast-paced and ever-changing realm of telemedicine software development, a competitive fight is a marathon that never ends. Why hit that road alone? With Binariks expertise, you'll have the essential features needed to stand out, address the pain points and challenges of the healthcare industry, and think one step ahead.

    Let's create a telemedicine solution that not just meets but exceeds your expectations!

  • AI/ML

  • Data Analytics

  • LLM chat

  • Integrations

  • Security & HIPAA Compliance

  • Store & Forward

  • Billing & Insurance

  • Scheduling

  • Waiting Room

  • E-Prescriptions

  • Audio Communication

  • Video Conferencing

  • AI/ML

    AI and ML features in telehealth not only enhance personalized patient care with predictive insights, AI-powered diagnostics, or image analysis but also streamline operational and supporting business processes.These technologies improve reliability, minimize risks, and ensure efficient, high-quality care delivery by automating administrative tasks, optimizing scheduling, and enhancing decision-making.

    Success stories

    In-app experience development for DTx application

    Binariks helped a client transform the solution and integrate it into an in-app experience for corporate DTx platform.We expanded business opportunities by implementing a new scope of functions for corporate clients.

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    Healthcare data analytics company

    In the course of our collaboration, Binariks team leveraged the full potential of AWS serverless technologies to designan architecture that was resistant to high load and analyze and interpret vast amounts of data.

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    Revamping Solution Architecture and Enabling Interoperability on Healthcare Referral Platform

    Binariks helped our client to refine the solution architecture, automate the electronic record referral process, andensure secure data exchange between EHRs. Our specialists helped business reach interoperability by implementing the HL7 FHIR data exchange standard.

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    Web and Mobile Engineering Services For the Healthcare Provider

    We developed a web application and a mobile app for an electronic visit verification platform that enhances hospitalmanagement. Our dedicated developers employed a broad range of technologies, including React Native, Java, and Swift,and displayed outstanding proactiveness to deliver a high-quality product.

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    COVID-19 Testing Mobile App for Digital Health Company

    Binariks helped a digital healthcare company that offers rapid COVID-19 self-testing build a mobile application, changesolution architecture. We also added some new functions such as progress monitoring, bio-authentification, notifications, and QR code reading.

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    All cases

    Third-party integrations we can help with

    EHR Platforms


    Telehealth & Secure Messaging

    Payment & Insurance

    Certifications and standard

    Binariks is committed to the highest standards of security and compliance in custom telehealth software development, ensuring patient data protection and software integrity:

    Adherence to HIPAA, HL7 & FHIR, GDPR, KYC, and FDA regulations

    ISO 9001 certification for Quality Management

    ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management

    Boost patient engagement with custom telemedicine solution

    Technologies used

    Our expertise in cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP allows us to build scalable, flexible, and secure telemedicine applications. With cloud computing, we ensure that healthcare providers can access patient data and telemedicine services anytime, anywhere, facilitating seamless remote healthcare delivery.

    Benefits of custom telehealth software development with Binariks
    Partnering with Binariks, you do not need to compromise neither on expertise in software development nor on healthcare domain knowledge. You just found a company who can do both.

    For Clinics and Healthcare Providers

    Streamline your clinical operations and reduce administrative tasks while improving patient-centered care and preventing physician burnout, which costs the healthcare industry $4.6 billion annually.

    Integrate telemedicine solutions with your current infrastructures, such as EHR systems, appointment scheduling tools, etc., to create a unified healthcare experience and cut costs, saving your organization about $126 per patient visit.
    Build a resilient telemedicine platform to meet future healthcare needs and comply with changing regulations.
    Optimize your medical records management with tailored solutions that ensure security, boost efficiency, and maintain compliance.
    Extend your healthcare services to remote and underserved populations, addressing the adequate medical services shortage faced by nearly 80% of US rural areas. Enhance business growth and increase your impact.
    Engage patients with user-friendly platforms and apps for improved outcomes and satisfaction – 90% of Americans who have tried telemedicine would recommend it to first-time users.
    Simplify billing and ensure compliance with insurance policies and regulations for optimized telemedicine reimbursement.
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    For Telemedicine Solution Providers and Startups

    Turn your telemedicine product idea into reality or enhance the existing solution to meet the market's evolving needs.
    Achieve up to 95% cost reduction by choosing bespoke software from Binariks experts over third-party tools.
    Scale efficiently to handle increased user load and overcome barriers when expanding into new markets.
    Hire remote telemedicine software development experts to strengthen your in-house team.
    Reduce time-to-market to stay ahead in the fast-paced digital health sector.
    Harness the synergy of cutting-edge technology and healthcare domain knowledge to align with both provider and patient needs.
    Ensure your product's security and compliance with our strict adherence to regulatory standards.
    Ensure your telemedicine solution's flexibility, scalability, and integration with a wide variety of hardware and wearable technologies following FHIR standards.
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    Boost patient engagement with custom telemedicine solution

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