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Build and re-engineer HIPAA-compliant custom healthcare software development solutions with an experienced tech partner – Binariks. Boost your productivity through customized healthcare software solutions and unite members, payers, and providers into a single well-orchestrated system that ensures quality medical services.

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  • Custom Healthcare Solutions We Deliver

    Services we offer as part of custom healthcare software development

    Our product discovery team will help you refine your ideas by understanding real user problems and ideating and conceptualizing your solution to solve them. Our BAs and solution designers will analyze the competitors, find the market fit, set up the list of functions, and design the user experience and user flow in order to reduce the risks around the solution before the development phase. 

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    Build secure and interoperable bespoke digital solutions

    Success stories

    COVID-19 Testing Mobile App for Digital Health Company

    Binariks helped a digital healthcare company that offers rapid COVID-19 self-testing build a mobile application, change

    solution architecture, and refactor code from PHP/React Native to Elixir/React Native and React JS. We also added some new functions such as progress monitoring, bio-authentification, notifications, and QR code reading.

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    Architecture Consulting and FHIR Implementation for Healthcare Platform

    Binariks assisted a healthcare service provider in revamping its solution architecture and implementing FHIR. The

    non-emergency medical transportation service provider aspired to enable interoperability and simplify integrations with third-party administrators and clinics.

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    AWS-based Primary Care Platform

    Client has launched an AWS-based healthcare platform, the workload has rapidly started to grow. This has nudged the

    company to initiate cooperation with Binariks’ AWS team. In the course of our collaboration, Binariks team leveraged the full potential of AWS serverless technologies to design an architecture that was resistant to high load and analyze and interpret vast amounts of data.

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    Web and Mobile solution for meditation

    Binariks has a successful experience of writing a flexible software solution for meditation that consists of mobile

    apps, user web applications, and the admin panel. The main purpose of the system is to open the world of meditation to the masses.

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    Architecture Consulting for Patient Health Monitoring Application

    Binariks team of solution architect and business analyst helped the client create a new solution architecture to reach

    security requirements by the implementation of FHIR standard.

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    Re-engineer your solution and leverage cutting-edge technology with us

    Benefits of working with Binariks – a custom healthcare software development company

    We have a track record of delivering high-quality custom healthcare software development solutions that follow HIPAA requirements. All members of our team including solution architect, business analyst, quality assurance and software engineers have profound experience in delivering custom software development for healthcare leaders.

    Binariks is one of the top 1000 Clutch custom hospital software development companies and holds certificates of AWS Select Consulting Partner, a Gold Microsoft Partner, and a Google Cloud Partner. As a custom hospital software development company, we help clinics and healthcare businesses scale their operations while adhering to international security requirements because we are well-versed in the HIPAA standard and select technology stacks that support it.

    We ensure transparency and involvement through ongoing communication, specialized project managers, and a defined action plan. Owing to their expertise and understanding of the custom health software development process, our tech specialists give realistic time and cost estimates for healthcare businesses.

    We cover the tech needs of both SMEs and large healthcare enterprises. Our company size enables us to scale teams up and down when necessary. Our recruiters have access to a large pool of tech talent in Eastern Europe which means that you will work with the top talent without expanding your in-house IT team.

    Cooperation Models

    Dedicated Team

    Extend your existing IT team with our engineers or create a fully dedicated remote tech team with us. We offer three dedicated team sub-models: team augmentation, joint Scrum team, and isolated Scrum team.

    We will help you find the experts with the skills you’ve been missing, interview them, and help you onboard them on your project. Or we can assemble a cross-functional Scrum team that will respond directly to you. Hence, you will have to manage the team’s workload and get access to your team during office hours.

    When necessary, you can also request some of our added-value services including quality assurance, business analysis, design, or solution architecture.

    Project-Based Model

    Delegate product development to Binariks and free up time to concentrate on the strategic side of your business. Within the project-based model, we create and approve the set of functions, set up deadlines, and count the cost of custom health software development.

    Then, we will assemble a cross-functional team of tech experts and engineers to execute the solution development. Within the project-based model, your product is taken care of by a solution architect who creates system design, experienced engineers, designers, DevOps engineers, and project managers.

    We will encourage you to participate in sync-up meetings and check on progress during sprint reviews and provide your input. In the meantime, our project managers will be managing the tech team and lead communication between you and the team.



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