Dedicated Development Teams

Dedicated Software Development Team Services

Accelerate product development, reduce time-to-market, and expand tech expertise with dedicated development team services delivered by Binariks. We will assist you in extending your Scrum team or assembling a team of tech specialists who match your goals and help you finalize your product on time.

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  • Why your company needs dedicated IT team services

    Scaled Capacity

    Expand your company with dedicated team services as the scope of the project grows, engage additional specialists for new tasks and quickly implement technology market trends as they emerge.

    Rich Talent Pool

    Reduced Expenses

    Operational Efficiency

    Increased Flexibility

    Assemble an extension to your Scrum team

    How it works


    Requirements definition

    We discuss and analyze your project requirements and features in order to develop the most productive approach for its implementation. At this stage, we choose the methodology, discuss potential technical implications for it, and sign an NDA.


    At Binariks, we offer a versatility of technologies within our dedicated IT team services. We will help you assemble a team of experts with tech skills that match your solution needs.


    • .Net
    • Java
    • Node.js
    • PHP
    • Python
    • GoLang
    • Elixir


    • JavaScript
    • Typescript
    • React
    • Angular
    • Vue.js


    • Swift
    • Kotlin
    • React Native
    • Flutter

    Why Binariks?

    Assemble an extension to your Scrum team

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