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The world’s population is rapidly aging causing immense pressure on healthcare systems. By 2030, one out of five US citizens will reach retirement age. Many of them may soon need long-term support services. Such tendencies create a demand for effective healthcare technology connecting patients and caregivers.

This inspired CareBridge to launch web and mobile solutions with 24/7 member support, data aggregation, messaging, and other capabilities that help vulnerable individuals receive a decent level of physical and phycological support.

The recently implemented social distancing measures made the products like CareBridge even more valuable in the healthcare market. They allow healthcare providers to ensure the same quality of long-term support services without any disruptions.


Since CareBridge emerged from the acquisition of existing tech companies, before contacting Binariks, the company already had legacy iOS and Android solutions. They tracked caregivers’ visits to patients and served as a point of contact between healthcare providers and patients. CareBridge was about to start a new chapter in its history and needed more reliable and powerful tools to take off.

At that point, CareBridge had an internal team of tech specialists who continued to maintain the existing solutions. To become more agile and strengthen in-house resources, the company decided to engage a remote team of developers. This was intended to help CareBridge to smoothly migrate its legacy systems to modern technology and raise investment.

CareBridge also viewed outsourcing as an opportunity to become more flexible and speed up the software development process. That’s why they started to search for a reliable outsourcing provider and ended up choosing Binariks as the most suitable partner.

What Binariks did

Binariks has run a series of interviews with CareBridge to understand the software development needs of the company and jointly decide what team model and working mode fit best. After that, we have provided the customer with a dedicated team of PHP, Android, iOS, and Elixir developers led by a project manager who continuously stays in touch with a project manager on the CareBridge’s side. The cooperation happens through two-week sprints, regular meetups, and tickets.

Although the project has just started, our team has already rewritten the legacy Objective C iOS application in Swift and addressed multiple feature requests for the Android app. Currently, Binariks works on the new web platform that includes:

  • Electronic Visit Verification and Data Aggregation for real-time clinical information sharing. Members, health plans, caregivers, and state officials can exchange important details on patients’ health.
  • 24/7 Member Support. CareBridge offers extensive support to patients with a high risk of hospitalization.
  • Decision Support. CareBridge leverages a predictive model to determine the scope of services each LTSS member needs to maximize clinical outcomes.
  • After the core functionality of the new platform is ready, Binariks team will help the customer to merge it with existing solutions and maintain the software.



Software Developer at CareBridge Solutions


“The talented team efficiently addresses platform challenges and produces satisfying deliverables that meet expectations. Binariks is proactive and flexible, which mitigates unnecessary project oversight. Communicative and timely, their professionalism enables a successful, ongoing partnership.”

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