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Project Context



  • About Client

    Our client is a healthcare technology corporation specializing in facilitating care for individuals requiring long-term support services. Operating at the intersection of healthcare providers, caregivers, and patients, our client strives to ensure effective communication between all the stakeholders through special medical devices and thus improve vulnerable individuals' access to essential physical and psychological support.

    The company launched web and mobile solutions with 24/7 member support, data aggregation, messaging, and other capabilities. In light of the implemented social distancing measures and due to such an irreversible global trend as population aging, the service indeed demonstrates timeliness and prospects.

    However, certain innovations and technological enhancements became necessary to respond to the changing healthcare landscape and growing demand. And that's how the Binariks chapter began in this project.

  • Business challenge

    You may be familiar with this experience (it is that common in the time of rapid digitalization). You launched a relevant product and invested funds in the team, marketing, and distribution. The number of users began to grow. Suddenly, you face a scaling problem because processing one client becomes too expensive due to legacy system imperfections.

    Well, it was exactly our client's case.

    The primary issue for the company stemmed from the growth in end-users (and supported medical devices, respectively) and the expansion of services into new states. Previously operating in Tennessee, the company encountered complexities associated with different state regulations. The need to implement new features and adapt to diverse regulatory frameworks across the U.S. states posed significant challenges.

    In summary, our goals were to:

    • modernize legacy systems
    • ensure compliance with state-specific business requirements
    • optimize maintenance costs per device
    • and ultimately, achieve enhanced system performance and scalability, helping our client to extend its services to new states

    Have we achieved the objectives, and how? Keep reading to learn more.

  • Solution

    When the project kicked off in January 2020, our client found themselves grappling with a legacy MDM application on Android and an intricate backend system that hampers their growth. Binariks developers have worked closely with the client's team throughout this transformative journey.

    In nearly four years, we navigated through pivotal stages, from making the strategic decision to implement the client's own MDM solution and selecting the optimal approach to crafting the MVP, implementing the application, and consistently incorporating new features to meet diverse state requirements.

    Within the previously-defined goals, the project objectives were centered on two main areas:

    • working on the client's new back-end system (an app for provider-payer interactions and a separate provider-side app)

    • creating an MDM solution using Android Management API to enable the system to scale and increase the number of supported devices

  • Implementation

    With a focus on innovation and adaptability, the Binariks team proposed the client replace an external tool for managing in-home care services for personal and patient devices. Several approaches were considered in collaboration with the client's business analysts to find the most efficient and beneficial.

    It was agreed to create the client's own internal solution for device management that would be scalable and adaptable. Namely, we needed an MDM solution allowing us to install additional apps through it (those apps that vary depending on a specific state and enable the client to meet local policy and regulations).

    In parallel, Binariks specialists undertook the development of a robust Laravel backend for the client's solution. This backend not only streamlined internal control for the client but also facilitated seamless interaction between the payer and the provider (caregiver), which implies the transfer of reports of services provided to patients, exchange of statistics, and other essential data.

    A mobile provider-side app embedded in the end user's device in kiosk mode ensured a user-friendly experience. Simultaneously, a payer web application was built using Elixir, providing a comprehensive solution to bridge the needs of both sides of the healthcare spectrum. This solution enables a payor to approve or reject appointments, conduct the necessary calculations, and draw conclusions.

Value Delivered

    • Streamlined internal control: Our transformative solution enhanced internal control within the client's long-term care platform, ensuring seamless and efficient interactions between payers and providers.

    • Significant cost savings: Despite the ongoing transition to our MDM solution, we have already achieved significant cost savings. For now, the client serves 30.000 devices, with $2-3 of maintenance costs per device when using external SaaS. Using their own system eliminates these costs, and that is just the beginning.

    The project has successfully met its objectives, empowering our client to provide efficient services to organizations and individual patients in various U.S. states.

    • Scalability: The success of our solution not only affirmed its appropriateness but also positioned our client for scalable expansion. The potential to reach more states and devices reflects the scalability and adaptability of our approach.

    • Expanded outreach to potential users: Our solution broadens patients' access to in-home care services by adapting to the state-specific requirements and regulations.

Software Developer at CareBridge Solutions


The talented team efficiently addresses platform challenges and produces satisfying deliverables that meet expectations. Binariks is proactive and flexible, which mitigates unnecessary project oversight. Communicative and timely, their professionalism enables a successful, ongoing partnership.

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