Healthcare Interoperability Solutions

Enable well-coordinated and patient-centric care with custom healthcare interoperability solutions. Work with Binariks to create next-generation healthcare interoperability solutions that comply with FHIR and enable faster integration with third-party platforms. Our programmers engineer EHR interoperability solutions that exchange standardized medical data, improve health outcomes, reduce operational complexity and clinical workflows.

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What healthcare interoperability solutions can you build with Binariks?

Custom Integration Solutions

Custom Integration Solutions

We will help you build EHR interoperability solutions that cover your workflows and match your business goals in the most secure way. Each of the custom healthcare interoperability solutions we build complies with internationally recognized HL7 interoperability standards for EHR, EMR, patient care data, clinical documents, user interfaces, messaging, pharmaceutical information, and more. 

Enterprise and Cloud Applications

Enterprise and Cloud Applications

Binariks specializes in building custom healthcare interoperability solutions for enterprises. We exercise an individual approach and listen to the needs of each of our clients and deliver secure and future-proof healthcare interoperability software solutions. We will deliver fast and secure data exchange and storing, streamlined workflows, messaging systems, and many more features that comply with HIPAA. 

Custom Mobile Interoperability Solutions

Custom Mobile Interoperability Solutions

We know how important it is to ensure secure data exchange between mobile apps and third-party integrations. Therefore, we make sure that we apply correct healthcare interoperability standards like FHIR. With them, we create secure passage and storage of sensitive medical data within and outside custom mobile interoperability solutions.

Wearable Applications

Wearable Applications

Our engineers deliver top-notch healthcare interoperability software solutions that follow up-to-date healthcare data interoperability requirements foreseen by HL7 and HIPAA. We build custom healthcare interoperability software solutions for a wide variety of wearables that enable remote patient monitoring. In effect, clients receive wearable applications that gather actionable data and help doctors track the state of patients' health in real-time.

Why delegate engineering of healthcare interoperability solutions to Binariks?

Binariks has specialists with profound understanding and knowledge of the healthcare domain. Our business analysts, solution architects, and programmers have a track record of delivering high-quality interoperability solutions that adhere to all important standards under HIPAA regulation.

Each of the healthcare interoperability solutions Binariks engineers is planned and executed by programmers and tech specialists with profound experience in the healthcare industry. Owing to this, we deliver precise time and cost estimates, map out in-depth action plans, and provide clients with market-ready healthcare interoperability solutions.

Thanks to technical excellence of our professionals, we are able to offer tech stack and set of tools that comply with industry regulations and open new business opportunities through customly developed healthcare interoperability solutions. We attended AWS Select Consulting Partner, Gold Microsoft Partner, Google Cloud Partner certificates and were listed among 1000 Clutch enterprise healthcare interoperability companies.

The size of Binariks allows us to exercise an individual approach to each of our clients. Be it a large enterprise or a mid-sized healthcare company, our clients will enjoy our transparent and well-organized workflows of healthcare interoperability solution development.

Harness the full potential of interoperability by integrating your product with 3rd party solutions

Success stories

Architecture Consulting For Integrated Patient Management Tool

Our client is a UK-based connected healthcare pioneer that aspires to close the gap between patients and doctors. The

solution of our client helps the patients access care using a mobile app and enables doctors to manage their patient base with a browser-based dashboard.

Revamping Solution Architecture and Enabling Interoperability on Healthcare Referral Platform

Binariks helped our client to refine the solution architecture, automate the electronic record referral process, and

ensure secure data exchange between EHRs. Our specialists helped business reach interoperability by implementing the HL7 FHIR data exchange standard.

In-app experience development for DTx application

Binariks helped a client transform the solution and integrate it into an in-app experience for corporate DTx platform.

We expanded business opportunities by implementing a new scope of functions for corporate clients.

COVID-19 Testing Mobile App for Digital Health Company

Binariks helped a digital healthcare company that offers rapid COVID-19 self-testing build a mobile application, change

solution architecture, and refactor code from PHP/React Native to Elixir/React Native and React JS. We also added some new functions such as progress monitoring, bio-authentification, notifications, and QR code reading.

Web and Mobile solution for meditation

Binariks has a successful experience of writing a flexible software solution for meditation that consists of mobile

apps, user web applications, and the admin panel. The main purpose of the system is to open the world of meditation to the masses.

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