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Build cutting-edge remote patient monitoring software to optimize medical resources, provide high-quality care, increase patient engagement, and enable remote access to medical care. Work with Binariks to create remote patient monitoring software that lets you provide virtual and traditional care in one place.  

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Binariks remote patient monitoring software development services

Integrate EHR and operate medical data in real-time

Integrate EHR and operate medical data in real-time

We create and integrate remote patient monitoring systems with EHR that enable secure and direct access to patient medical history, manage prescriptions, and monitor treatment progress. With a custom cloud-based application, you will be able to combine IoT, data analytics, and wearable technologies in one solution.

Incorporate custom or ready-made telemedicine solutions

Incorporate custom or ready-made telemedicine solutions

Our team of remote patient monitoring software engineers will integrate your telemedicine apps with remote patient monitoring platforms or build one from scratch. This will help doctors and patients to save some time and communicate via secure text messages, audio, and video calls.

Connect IoT medical devices and wearables

Connect IoT medical devices and wearables

All telemetry you gather with sensors can and should be used to facilitate diagnostics and help medical organizations to improve treatment. We have robust expertise in creating remote patient monitoring solutions with IoT hardware integration. With us, you can incorporate a wide variety of hardware such as sleep monitors, pulse trackers, and other remote care gadgets.

Integrate cloud storage and enable medical data analysis

Integrate cloud storage and enable medical data analysis

We can integrate your remote patient monitoring software with scalable data storage solutions. This will enable continuous ingestion and analysis of the data generated by the connected IoT devices and wearables. The data storage we use will help you protect your medical records, update, them and share them easily.

Why delegate remote patient monitoring solutions development to Binariks?

Every member of the Binariks team, including solution architects, software engineers, business analysts, and quality assurance professionals, has profound knowledge and experience in producing top-notch remote patient monitoring solutions. We deliver world-class HIPAA-compliant patient monitoring software thanks to their expertise in the healthcare area and technical brilliance.

We have a thorough grasp of the HIPAA standard and pick technology stacks that enable it. Our remote patient monitoring software allows clients to expand their business while also meeting international security standards. Binariks is now an AWS Select Consulting Partner, a Gold Microsoft Partner, and a Google Cloud Partner, as one of the 1000 top Clutch remote patient monitoring software providers.

Our tech professionals provide real-time and cost estimates for developing unique telehealth apps due to their experience and understanding of remote patient monitoring software development process. We guarantee transparency and engagement enabled through constant communication, dedicated project managers, and clear action plan.

Our size enables us to satisfy the needs of both mid-size and large organizations. We have access to a big pool of tech talent and can scale teams up and down as needed. You may acquire excellent talent without extending your in-house programming crew, and you can offload administrative costs to us.

Use remote monitoring software to track the health data of patients in remote areas and conveniently allocate medical resources

Success stories

Architecture Consulting for Patient Health Monitoring Application

Binariks team of solution architect and business analyst helped the client create a new solution architecture to reach

security requirements by implementation of FHIR standard.

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Revamping Solution Architecture and Enabling Interoperability on Healthcare Referral Platform

Binariks helped our client to refine the solution architecture, automate the electronic record referral process, and

ensure secure data exchange between EHRs. Our specialists helped business reach interoperability by implementing the HL7 FHIR data exchange standard.

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AWS-based Primary Care Platform

A client launched an AWS-based platform but faced issues when data loads started to grow. Binariks helped them solve the

problem by optimizing the CI/CD procedure, increasing the stability and security of the platform, and ensuring its automation.

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In-app experience development for DTx application

Binariks helped a client transform the solution and integrate it into an in-app experience for corporate DTx platform.

We expanded business opportunities by implementing a new scope of functions for corporate clients.

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Architecture Consulting For Integrated Patient Management Tool

Our client is a UK-based connected healthcare pioneer that aspires to close the gap between patients and doctors. The

solution of our client helps the patients access care using a mobile app and enables doctors to manage their patient base with a browser-based dashboard.

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