Architecture Consulting and FHIR Implementation for Healthcare Platform





In light of the latest provisions issued by the government, the client was requested to adjust the solution to the HIPAA standard. Being a third-party administrator that works with sensitive data, our client saw a chance to ensure a secure data exchange flow through FHIR implementation.


Binariks rallied both discovery and implementation teams to consult, architect, and implement the new FHIR and dispatching parts.

During the discovery phase, Binariks’ team comprised of a solution architect and a business analyst approached the client with a proposition: the envisioned solution had to enable the client to adopt FHIR as centralized health data storage and build all new solutions based on the FHIR data model.

Later this would allow it to easily interoperate with third-party organizations, accept and share healthcare information using defined structure.

Binariks team conducted a deep-dive analysis of the problem and identified that it’s also vital to:

  • Reach HIPAA compliance through implementation of the FHIR standard

  • Facilitate integration with third-party systems in FHIR format

  • Prepare the product to larger number of services

  • Ensure stable product performance during increased number of rides

  • Implement OAuth authentication

  • Activate Transport Security TLS 1.2



Russell Hertzberg

Owner & Chief Agile Officer, JCloud


“Binariks’ health technology expertise and their experience in building successful healthcare software solutions are their key differentiators. Additionally, they’re extremely strong in having a complete, thorough, and high-quality architecture discovery phase.”

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