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PHP scripting language powers more than 80% of the Internet. This server-side technology provides businesses with multiple benefits, including fast load time, flexibility, and outstanding cost-efficiency.

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Medical appointment platform for travelers

Binariks has a successful experience in technological partnership with Medvisit, a provider of healthcare software. In accordance with the client's requirements, our dedicated technology experts applied PHP Laravel to write an application that appoints healthcare services to travelers. This scripting language ensured fast API response and stability of the delivered product. The users of the application can schedule appointments with doctors even while traveling in a foreign country. The delivered

product incorporates multiple features of hospital management software and provides both practitioners and patients with a convenient user experience.

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Workflow automation platform for construction companies

Our company has designed and created OneTouch, a mobile SaaS for small and middle businesses engaged in the construction domain. PHP software was chosen as the main technology for architecting a product that enhances process automation in the construction industry. The delivered software is notable for its multifunctionality: it distributes roles according to the avatars logic, assigns tasks, and enhances communication between workers. The application also

includes a smart notification system that ensures process automation. Our PHP developers played an essential role in creating a product that meets all business requirements of the client.

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