.Net development at Binariks is all about delivering outstanding results that drive the value of the client’s business. We don’t just create custom software, we build a solution for your business.

Binariks developers started adopting .NET platform from the time Microsoft released its .NET Beta 1 version. .NET quickly became one of the most widely used platforms in the world that allows to efficiently design high-quality applications and cross-platform services for web, mobile, and cloud.

With .NET you can create new Windows applications, web applications, and cross-platform mobile apps. Clear and comprehensive, the .NET framework can be applied to both large- and small-scale projects. Much of the .NET code has become open-source code, and you can create applications for other platforms as well.

.NET perfectly adapts to various business needs and takes your project to the next stage. Suitable for Windows, Mac, and Linux, the platform enables you to design custom cross-platform software. The framework allows you to construct responsive, integrative, and scalable websites and applications.

.NET can be successfully integrated with third-party services, improve maintainability and functionality of legacy desktop applications built on VB6.

With the help of this universal framework, you will easily work out extra options for your business; increase the efficiency of your current services as well as be able to adjust various apps to your specific necessities and infrastructure.

Binariks proposes .NET development services for a variety of different clients from different industries

What we do

  • .NET Mobile Application Development
  • .NET Web Application Development
  • .NET Web Integration Solutions
  • Custom ASP.NET Web Development
  • .NET Desktop Application Development
  • Application integration with legacy systems
  • Application migration to .NET
  • .NET Consulting
  • Ideation and Conceptualization
  • Business Analysis
  • UI/UX Design
  • Architecture design and prototyping
  • HealthCare
  • Banking/FinTech
  • Social Networks
  • Entertainment Software
  • Distribution & Retail
  • Agriculture

The valuable platform features for the web and desktop development

ASP.NET allows you to create new modern web applications or modernize existing applications. It provides advanced UI / UX tools and APIs, allowing you to create well-structured and highly functional services.

If you’re creating web applications from scratch, it is recommended to use ASP.NET Core with ASP.NET MVC instead of ASP.NET Web Forms. If you’re accessing a database, it is preferable to use Entity Framework rather than LINQ to SQL, and you can opt for the Managed Extensibility Framework.

Legacy applications still use Windows Forms and ASP.NET Web Forms and some other older technologies. You might be concerned about how to deal with this? How to decide whether “to migrate” or “not to migrate”?

Binariks .NET experts will make an assessment, analyze code maintainability and evaluate release-cycle requirements. Depending on the assessment result, type of legacy application and ROI calculations, it might not be worthwhile to switch to new technology. You can allow the application to still be based on older technologies because Windows Forms and ASP.NET Web Forms will still be supported for many years to come.

.NET for mobile development

Mobile applications development is now beginning to reach a certain level of maturity. Every year cross-platform solutions are gaining more and more interest from different types of businesses. During the last couple of years, Xamarin became the number one mobile development toolset in .NET world.

Xamarin provides a solution that allows developing cross-platform mobile apps with a native experience. Using Xamarin, developers can target iOS, Android and Windows Mobile 10.

The big advantage to use Xamarin is the ability to share C# code between different platforms. Xamarin creates new C# layer on top of each platform’s native APIs, allowing the developer to work with very similar to native developer environment.

Although, it’s worth noting that the percentage of common code varies and depends on the level of native experience you are trying to achieve on each platform.

The one disadvantage of Xamarin is the dependency on a new layer over the native environment which could introduce bugs and issues directly dependent on Xamarin.

Binariks mobile engineers will help you to make the right “cross-platform” vs “native decision” and ensure that you are provided with a cost-efficient and reliable solution.

.NET services for Cloud

Nowadays you can’t ignore the cloud when considering building .NET solution. Using the .NET platform, you will be able to create projects of any level of difficulty and run those in both the PaaS model and hybrid environments.

The most relevant platform for .NET software product development is PaaS provided by Microsoft Azure. Using it, you can access services for storing and reading data such as relational data store SQL Database or NoSQL solutions such as DocumentDB. In addition, PaaS allows you to use computing and networking capabilities of app services, and to integrate developer services within the application.

Our high-performing and easily scalable teams of business analysts, UX designers, solution architects, software developers, and quality assurance engineers work with you every step of the way to find optimal solutions to the most complicated problems.

.Net Development Company Binariks partnership approach with clients boosts creative thinking that delivers the best results.

Web Applications

  • ASP .NET,
  • ASP .NET Dynamic Data


  • Silverlight,
  • RIA Services,
  • JavaScript

Web Services

  • ASP .NET Web Services,
  • WCF Services,
  • WCF Data Services,
  • REST,
  • SOAP,
  • JSON,
  • OData


  • Windows Forms,
  • WPF,
  • XAML Browser Applications,
  • Silverlight

UI Components

  • DevExpress,
  • Telerik,
  • Infragistics

Data Access

  • ADO .NET,
  • LINQ,
  • Entity Framework,
  • NHibernate,
  • Active Record


  • SSO,
  • X.509,
  • NTLM,
  • Kerberos,
  • Encryption,
  • Auditing,
  • Logging

Distributed apps

  • Enterprise Services,
  • .NET Remoting


  • SharePoint,
  • Dynamics CRM,
  • BizTalk,
  • Exchange Server

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