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Quality Assurance Services

You may have the best software development team and the most promising plans, but the slightest mistake can cost you the entire project. Software quality assurance is a tried and trusted security barrier that protects your software development plans from such unpleasant surprises. Binariks QA testers employ the most advanced practices to ensure top-notch quality and stability of your applications.

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Our ISTQB-certified QA testing experts have worked on a broad range of projects connected to various domains. We have rich experience in providing top-notch quality assurance and testing services for mobile apps, quality assurance testing services for website testing, desktop application testing, and QA as a service applied to any other software types. A proven record of successful cases, our client-centric approach, and the exceptional competency of our quality testers make us a dependable partner in the market of software quality control.

Quality control and quality assurance management

Binariks IT quality assurance specialists have solid experience in both manual and automated types of QA testing.

Quality assurance solutions

Universality is one of the most valuable features of a company that provides QA testing services. Binariks professionals will review your web, mobile, or desktop application to make sure that it meets your business goals and provides end-users with a flawless experience.

Success stories

Primary Care Monitoring Platform

A client has launched an AWS-based healthcare platform, the workload has rapidly started to grow. This has nudged the company to initiate cooperation with Binariks’ AWS team.

In the course of this partnership, we have optimized the CI/CD procedure, increased the stability and security of the platform, and completed a range of performance-critical automation tasks for the customer

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Account-based marketing platform for global manufacturers

Google Cloud software became a solution for a project in which we were required to develop an account marketing platform for an American client. The customer requested a flexible system that would deliver personalized advertising content to its target clients. Our dedicated team has developed a GCP solution that ensures convenient communication between the client and their target market. The provided product includes a CRM system and dashboards that can be

used for tracking the popularity of the client's ads. The delivered product includes all the main benefits of a Google Cloud app, such as security, cost-efficiency, flexibility, and mobility.

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Technologies we use in software testing and quality assurance

Automation Tools


Manual Tools


Stages in quality assurance life cycle

We embrace a clearly-structured approach to all our projects. To ensure top-notch results and arrange quality assurance services in software development life cycle properly, we divide our software qa services into six consecutive stages.

  • 1

    Quality and UX audit

    We review your product's interface to evaluate the overall user experience. At this stage, our quality control tester focuses on delivering the most user-friendly and visually attractive product.

  • 2

    Performance testing services

    This stage involves a broad range of QA testing processes. Our quality assurance software experts check the performance of your software in different environments and under different user loads.

  • 3

    Security and compliance evaluation

    Our skilled in applying various quality assurance testing software professionals analyze whether your software fits the existing top-notch security standards. Our professionals identify vulnerabilities and fix them to eliminate security risks.

  • 4

    Code review

    Binariks providers of quality assurance services identify any inconsistencies and flaws in the code written for your software. We also provide recommendations on fixing such issues and improving the code.

  • 5

    Product validation

    This stage of software development quality assurance comes into action at the end of the software development process. We analyze whether the provided software meets all the requirements and business goals of the project.

  • 6

    Software maintenance

    To keep competitive, you should continuously update your product. Binariks quality assurance software experts will review it after all changes to avoid vulnerabilities, code inconsistencies, and any other issues.

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