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Hire mobile app development services provider. Delegate the development of mobile applications to an experienced tech team. Mobile apps are the linchpin of business-to-customer relationships that allows users to access services on-the-go. They are also essential for enterprise management, used in gaming and any other field you can think of.

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Mobile application development services

Binariks provides full-cycle mobile software development services ranging from business analysis, UI/UX design, software engineering to quality assurance and maintenance for building native and cross-platform mobile solutions across different industries.


Initiate Android app development to create native mobile applications suited for Android devices and promote them through Google Play, Amazon Web Store, and other popular distribution services




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Success stories

Shipping platform for e-commerce

Binariks implemented a project of a commercial software provider that required assistance from a credible iOS app development company. We provided a dedicated team in which each member is an experienced Apple software engineer to create an application that allows international retailers to track inventory and connect with the world's leading

shipping couriers.The provided product is a feature-packed, stable, and secure iOS app notable for its high performance.

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Software Development and Design Services for Food Marketplace

Binariks provided an American digital food marketplace with software development and design services. One of the client's key requirements was the custom rearchitecting of its Android app used for managing and requesting food delivery services. Binariks provided a team of Android developers to assist the client in launching a multifunctional application packed with diverse features. Our software engineers cooperated with the

client's IT specialists to add multiple functionalities, such as the Group order option and the Split billing function, to the product. We also designed convenient in use payment algorithms that were integrated into the delivered app.

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Why Binariks?


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    Discovery and business analysis

    Once you share your product idea with us, we analyze your business needs to learn what technical solutions can maximize the delivered value and map out enterprise mobile application development opportunities

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    UX and mobile app design

    Binariks believes there is a golden mean between unique design and seamless usability. To help customers keep the balance, we involve experienced UX/UI specialists that create convenient designs for cross-platform, hybrid, and native app development

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    Product development

    Based on your product requirements our mobile app developers and quality assurance specialists work jointly to create reliable and secure mobile solutions with custom functionality

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    Release and support

    Once the mobile application is finalized, Binariks can assist you with release and continue to maintain and upgrade the product as long as you need

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