Front-end development and design at Binariks are all about great user experience created through responsive, user-friendly and interactive design.

Binariks has a long and broad experience working with multiple web technologies. Our aim is always to maximize the value that you, our client, will get from our work.

You decided to create a web application. Needless to explain that selecting the right technology and tool is as important as well performing web development team. To build dynamic web applications, you need a reliable framework and contemporary technology like Angular that best suits the front-end development.

Binariks experts widely use and consider it as one of the most useful JavaScript frameworks. Read further to understand why Binariks has very wide experience of using web technologies.

What we do

  • Custom Web Application Development
  • SaaS Software Development
  • Responsive Design
  • E-commerce solutions
  • CMS Design and Development
  • Portal development
  • Business Analysis
  • Site redesign

How to select the right technology?

There are a lot of different approaches and frameworks for web development. Historically server-side technologies were considered a mainstream approach to build a web application. As browsers and end-user devices became more capable and with the appearance of various JavaScript frameworks approach to managing everything on the server side became less preferable. Handling more of the application logic on the client side can be an attractive alternative.

In recent years, a new breed of JavaScript applications has hit the fancy of the developer community. These are rich client applications with no page refresh/redirects, bookmarkable URLs that use UX design/code patterns such as MVC, MVP, MVVM, or MV.

Many JavaScript frameworks have been created to address these needs. However with all the different JavaScripts frameworks, there a lot of different technologies to choose from. What framework fit the best for your need from standpoint of performance, reliability, maintainability, and ability to test? What framework integrates and scale the best? Moreover, how well the framework is documented and how long it will be supported?

Only a few frameworks have proven themselves to be solid options for writing large-scale web applications that can be maintained, extended, and tested. One of the most popular frameworks to emerge is Angular from Google. Angular is an open-source web application framework that offers quite a bit to a developer through a stable code base, vibrant community, and a rich ecosystem. Open sourced by Google and actively developed and supported by a vibrant community around it, this framework has gained a lot of traction. Due to its modular design, powerful features, and great performance it has become a great choice for building business apps over the JavaScript platform.

At Binariks, we find the best solution for your case. We consider different alternatives and consider Angular one of the viable options to consider.

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