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At Binariks, we help clients build healthcare cloud solutions and transfer legacy software migration to cloud. We leverage cloud computing and data analytics technologies that significantly increase the speed, agility, and computing capacity of healthcare cloud solutions.

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Healthcare cloud services by Binariks

Create custom healthcare cloud solutions and automate processes

Create custom healthcare cloud solutions and automate processes

Binariks is one of the leading healthcare cloud computing companies that focuses on developing HIPAA-compliant healthcare cloud solutions. Our engineers have extensive experience developing unique cloud-based healthcare software and migrating existing systems to cloud services like as AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure. We also provide integration services that take use of these platforms' cloud APIs to link interoperable systems and automate processes.

Add agility and scalability with legacy software migration

Add agility and scalability with legacy software migration

We help companies with healthcare legacy software that want to migrate to cloud. Our experts know how to maximize the benefits of computing in healthcare solutions and give them more agility and scalability through development and deployment of your legacy softwares and databases to the cloud. We accelerate and simplify the migration process with our legacy data migration strategy that ensures that the cloud-based healthcare software overcomest the common legacy data vulnerabilities.

Process large volumes of health information with cloud computing and data analytics

Process large volumes of health information with cloud computing and data analytics

Our team of engineers enables data analytics and computing in cloud solutions for healthcare. With our cloud computing services in the healthcare domain, you can collect, store, receive, and manage large volumes of data that you can use for clinical decision support. We also ensure that all cloud-based healthcare software we create follows the requirements of the HIPAA standard and international security requirements.

Empower users and employees with secure mHealth healthcare cloud solutions

Empower users and employees with secure mHealth healthcare cloud solutions

With our mHealth cloud-based healthcare solutions, your clients and employees may schedule appointments, access and share patient medical information, send and receive messages, manage invoices, and much more without being limited by the capabilities of their mobile phones. Our experts create custom cross-platform mHealth apps in the cloud that are compatible with iOS and Android and have comprehensive capabilities for developing new modules and integrating with third-party systems.

Why delegate healthcare cloud solutions development to Binariks?

Every member of the Binariks team, from solution architects to programmers to business analysts and quality assurance engineers, has deep knowledge and experience in delivering leading healthcare cloud solutions. Owing to their expertise and technical skill, we are able to create world-class HIPAA-compliant cloud solutions for healthcare organizations.

Our healthcare cloud apps help companies scale their operations while adhering to international security requirements because we are well-versed in the HIPAA standard and select technology stacks that support it. Binariks is one of the top 1000 Clutch healthcare cloud computing firms and holds certificates of AWS Select Consulting Partner, a Gold Microsoft Partner, and a Google Cloud Partner.

We ensure transparency and involvement through ongoing communication, specialized project managers, and a defined action plan. Because of their expertise and understanding of the cloud-based healthcare software development process, our tech specialists give realistic time and cost estimates for healthcare businesses.

We can meet the demands of both mid-sized and large healthcare enterprises. Owing to our company size, we are able to scale teams up and down when necessary. Our recruiters have access to a large pool of tech talent in Eastern Europe which means that you will work with the top talent without expanding your in-house development team.

Migrate to the cloud and increase the storing and computing capacity of your product with Binariks

Success stories

Architecture Consulting for Patient Health Monitoring Application

Binariks team of solution architect and business analyst helped the client create a new solution architecture to reach

security requirements by implementation of FHIR standard.

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Revamping Solution Architecture and Enabling Interoperability on Healthcare Referral Platform

Binariks helped our client to refine the solution architecture, automate the electronic record referral process, and

ensure secure data exchange between EHRs. Our specialists helped business reach interoperability by implementing the HL7 FHIR data exchange standard.

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AWS-based Primary Care Platform

A client launched an AWS-based platform but faced issues when data loads started to grow. Binariks helped them solve the

problem by optimizing the CI/CD procedure, increasing the stability and security of the platform, and ensuring its automation.

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In-app experience development for DTx application

Binariks helped a client transform the solution and integrate it into an in-app experience for corporate DTx platform.

We expanded business opportunities by implementing a new scope of functions for corporate clients.

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Architecture Consulting For Integrated Patient Management Tool

Our client is a UK-based connected healthcare pioneer that aspires to close the gap between patients and doctors. The

solution of our client helps the patients access care using a mobile app and enables doctors to manage their patient base with a browser-based dashboard.

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