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Java software has already become a universal solution for businesses interested in embracing the full potential of digitalization. Notable for its vibrant community, security, and scalability, this programming language is widely used for designing applications of the highest quality.

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Mobile app for meditation

Binariks has a successful experience of writing a mobile app for meditation from scratch. Our dedicated software engineers applied various programming tools, including the ones from the Java Development Kit, to create a convenient in use application for Spanish-speaking users. The provided product includes multiple features, such as tracking the time of meditation, generating meditation statistics, or expanding

the community of meditation enthusiasts by attracting new users. We have applied the full potential of Java apps development to create a stable backend for the product that already enjoys massive popularity in the Spanish-speaking segment of the mobile software market.

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International shipping platform for e-commerce

We cooperated with the provider of an international shipping platform for e-commerce when the client needed to upgrade their application. Our dedicated team was required to enhance scalability and add features to the application designed to track inventory and connect international retailers to the most significant shipping companies. We also upgraded the client's Android application by integrating shipment tracking mechanisms and various hardware devices

into the system. With Java development software at the backend, our technology specialists managed to deliver a multifunctional product that fulfills the client's business goals. Binariks continues the cooperation with this customer by providing them with our support and maintenance services.

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