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The customer’s product was highly demanded in the healthcare market. It ensured smooth patient management for healthcare professionals. The product also took the niche of healthcare service management platform for travelers who need to receive care being in foreign countries.


The customer’s initial request was to optimize the existing web platform that had not been finished. After the code review, it turned out that the client’s software had to be re-written from scratch due to some technical inconsistencies in the initial product.

Binariks professionals collected and reviewed all functionality requirements provided by the customer. We determined the main technology stack for the customer’s platform, along with the methods of its active implementation. Angular was chosen as a solution for the platform’s frontend, while backend had to be developed with PHP Laravel.

Binariks backend and frontend developers started working on the project according to a Scrum methodology. We also provided a UI/UX designer in order to optimize the client’s interface and adjust it in accordance with functionality requirements for both patient and healthcare provider versions of a platform. After the basics of the product were completed, we initiated the second stage of the project. During this stage, developers worked simultaneously with a QA specialist in order to deliver production-ready parts of the application.

After Binariks provided the required web platform, the customer immediately started implementing it in its internal processes. We continued cooperating with the customer by providing support and maintenance services all along the road and expanding the functionalities of the application on demand.



Andres Leon

CEO, MedVisit


“As a partner, Binariks is helpful and consistent. They continue to satisfy expectations and their availability fosters a smooth collaboration.”

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