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Project Context



  • About Client

    The client is a Spanish healthcare provider that delivers software solutions for patient management. The company’s mission is to make healthcare services more accessible for people all around the world. They have developed a web platform for travelers. It allows patients to contact doctors and receive treatment anywhere, including foreign states.

  • Business challenge

    The customer aimed to develop a web application with multiple healthcare management functionalities for both patients and doctors. They already had an unfinished platform. However, it required scaling and optimization.

    The app lacked stability because of many code inconsistencies. The customer did not have the required for fixing such issues technology expertise. As a result, they considered outsourcing platform optimization to a technology partner.

  • Solution

    Binariks provided a dedicated team involving a backend developer, frontend developers, a UI/UX designer, a QA specialist, and a project manager. We cooperated with the customer’s subject matter expert to collect their requirements and determine whether such demands could be implemented by expanding the existing application. After a thorough analysis, we decided to rewrite the platform from scratch. As a result of our efforts, the client received a highly-scalable web application with PHP Laravel backend and Angular frontend.

  • Implementation

    The customer’s initial request was to optimize the unfinished web platform. After the code review, it turned out that the client’s software had to be rewritten from scratch due to some technical issues.

    Binariks professionals collected and reviewed all functional requirements provided by the customer. We determined the main technology stack for their platform, along with the methods of its active implementation. Angular was chosen as a solution for the platform’s front end, while PHP Laravel was the basic framework for the back end. We also provided a UI/UX designer to optimize the client’s interface and adjust it in accordance with functional requirements for both versions of the platform.

    During the maintenance period, our team has delivered the following features:

    • Adding online editing functions for more convenient invoice and e-mail management
    • Building a videoconferencing functionality to simplify communication between doctors and patients
    • Upgrading doctor’s calendar functionality

Value Delivered

  • We provided the customer with a highly-scalable web application for managing foreign patients. The product incorporates two different applications with distinctive interfaces and functionalities: a patient app and an application for healthcare managers.

    The platform enhances an optimized registration flow by reducing the cost of 1 full-time manager. The product is also capable of reducing the flow of patients by 2 times.

  • Other essential features of the application are the integrated online payment system and a sophisticated medical record system with automatic sending to a patient. The product is compliant with the most valuable PHI security regulations.

Andres Leon

CEO, MedVisit


“As a partner, Binariks is helpful and consistent. They continue to satisfy expectations and their availability fosters a smooth collaboration.”

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