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Binariks EHR/EMR software development team will help you revamp your EHR system, integrate it into other healthcare ecosystems, add new functions, or create a new one from scratch. Work with our experts to introduce interoperability, HIPAA compliance, agility, and financial feasibility through EHR/EMR software development best practices.

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  • Why do you need custom EHR development instead of off-the-shelf solutions?

    Stability and independence

    Stability and independence

    As compared to off-the-shelf EHR systems, custom EHR solutions only include functionality that covers the processes a clinic really needs. While the cost of custom EHR/EMR development may seem higher than the subscription fee of an off-the-shelf solution, it pays off in the short- and long term. In the short term, you get a competitive edge and can improve patient and staff experience. A long-term benefit of custom EHR software development is independence and stability: your processes remain unchanged because you carry out changes on the back-end side of your custom EHR solutions.

    Faster onboarding and adoption

    Faster onboarding and adoption

    EHR software development services allow to cater to the specific needs of the clinic. Custom EHR solutions are stripped off of useless functions since their major aim is to accelerate and streamline data exchange. On every level, practitioners, patients, and hospital staff get exclusive access to functions and data they need to see. This significantly simplifies, improves, and accelerates the onboarding process for every party involved in EHR exchange. And that's how custom EHR/EMR development will help you improve user experience and boost the adoption rate.

    HIPAA compliance and better data security

    HIPAA compliance and better data security

    Despite the fact that compliance with HIPAA, HL7 and GDPR is mandatory, not many off-the-shelf EHR providers adhere to them. Working with an experienced EMR and EHR development company, you get solutions that comply with the major tech healthcare standards and regulations. Compliance induces interoperability and opens the way to unlimited integrations with other compliant third-party administrators and even entire ecosystems. Our EHR software development services will allow you to safely exchange health data through the implementation of data security best practices.

    Endless integration opportunities

    Endless integration opportunities

    Off-the-shelf EHR/EMR solutions rarely offer a pack of solutions that would seamlessly integrate with one another. And even if your EHR provider does, you will still need to hire EHR software developers to connect a couple of third-party solutions with your EHR system. With custom EHR/EMR development, you are free to select third-party solutions that match your business needs and budget. Another important benefit of hiring an EHR software development company like Binariks is that they use their expertise and help you identify your needs, find a fitting solution and integrate it with your EHR system. 

    What EHR software development services does Binariks provide?

    Fully-cycle EHR and EMR development services

    We offer full-cycle capacity including software architecture design, patient-oriented UX/UI design, QA, and BA, as well as assistance with all relevant certifications

    Add new functionality to your product

    Re-engineering and scaling legacy EHR systems

    HIPAA compliance consulting

    EHR system development consulting

    EMR/EHR quality assurance testing

    Whitelabel EHR software development services

    We implement Necessary Features to Your EHR/EMR

    Major features

    • Compatibility with mobile, desktop, and tablets
    • Features tailored to a medical specialty
    • On-premise EHR and cloud EHR
    • HIPAA compliance features
    • Practitioner-centric UI/UX design

    Convenience features


    Technical features

    Practice management

    Expand functionality of your EHR solution

    How it works


    Discovery phase


    Success stories

    Healthcare data analytics company

    In the course of our collaboration, Binariks team leveraged the full potential of AWS serverless technologies to designan architecture that was resistant to high load and analyze and interpret vast amounts of data.

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    Revamping Solution Architecture and Enabling Interoperability on Healthcare Referral Platform

    Binariks helped our client to refine the solution architecture, automate the electronic record referral process, andensure secure data exchange between EHRs. Our specialists helped business reach interoperability by implementing the HL7 FHIR data exchange standard.

    View project

    Web and Mobile Engineering Services For the Healthcare Provider

    We developed a web application and a mobile app for an electronic visit verification platform that enhances hospitalmanagement. Our dedicated developers employed a broad range of technologies, including React Native, Java, and Swift,and displayed outstanding proactiveness to deliver a high-quality product.

    View project

    COVID-19 Testing Mobile App for Digital Health Company

    Binariks helped a digital healthcare company that offers rapid COVID-19 self-testing build a mobile application, changesolution architecture. We also added some new functions such as progress monitoring, bio-authentification, notifications, and QR code reading.

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    Architecture Consulting for Patient Health Monitoring Application

    Binariks team of solution architect and business analyst helped the client create a new solution architecture to reachsecurity requirements by the implementation of FHIR standard.

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    All cases

    Why Choose Our EHR Software Development Company

    Binariks is an experienced EMR and EHR development company whose engineers have a profound expertise in the healthcare domain and hands-on experience in custom EHR solutions. We build EHR systems that comply with the HIPAA rule and utilize the newest technologies including the FHIR standard.

    The EHR software developers in Binariks provide realistic cost and time estimates for custom EHR software development process duration. We pride ourselves on transparency induced by regular communication, a clear action plan, and responsible project managers.

    Binariks holds AWS Select Consulting Partner, Gold Microsoft Partner, Google Cloud Partner certificates and is listed among the 1000 Clutch EMR and EHR development companies. We are focused on delivering strong data security, quality management. and medical devices regulatory compliance according to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certificates.

    We provide a wide range of EHR software development services and have capacity to help large healthcare corporations and SMEs alike. Regardless of the size, we always exercise an individual approach to each of our clients. All our processes are built around the ideas of transparency, openness, and customer-centricity.

    Revamp your legacy EHR/EMR system and its enrich functionality with us


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