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React.js is one of the most relevant libraries expanding the functionalities of JavaScript. Once it goes about developing attractive, user-friendly, and interactive interfaces for web or mobile applications, this technology brings a broad range of solutions. Supported with a significant stack of supplementary tools and libraries, React.js is the technology that will take your web or mobile platform to the next level.

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Secure messaging system based on BankID verification

Our dedicated developers have written a platform that provides Swedish citizens with secure messaging opportunities enhanced through BankID verification algorithms. React.js and other technologies from its stack were chosen as the best solution for the development of the platform's frontend.

Our experienced React developer has applied a broad range of the technology's functionalities to deliver an attractive and stable interface that meets all the requirements of our client.

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Web-based business management system

Binariks applied React.js as a relevant JavaScript library for frontend development of the system that allows business owners to control operations of their assets seamlessly and with greater visibility. The interactive interface of the platform ensures communication between personnel and managers. It provides staff members with essential information on assets and helps them send requests and results of inspections to managers.

The highly-scalable application is simple in use and provides a broad range of interactive functionalities developed with up-to-date React tools.

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