Binariks Becomes an AWS Select Consulting Partner

We proudly announce that Binariks has recently become a Select Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network. It is an outstanding achievement, which emphasizes our focus on employing the full potential of Amazon technologies. This remarkable success is the eventual outcome of our dedicated work and devotion expressed throughout many years of work with AWS technologies. 


How did we achieve it?

Becoming a Select Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network had been one of our primary goals for a quite long time. We had to adhere to the strict requirements introduced by Amazon in order to conform to its requirements. On our way, we had to:

  • meet strict knowledge requirements proved by certifications provided to specific technology experts;
  • meet experience requirements by launching opportunities and contributing to partner business plans; 
  • brought the value of AWS technologies to clients in order to enhance сustomer satisfaction.


What does it mean?

Our AWS Partner Network (APN) membership emphasizes our global recognition as a reliable business partner, but it also means a lot to our clients. The partnership with Amazon provides us an opportunity to improve our expertise in the domain of cloud technologies in order to bring an even greater value to customers that receive our services. Among the main benefits associated with this achievement, we can mention:

  • access to a broad range of technologies provided by AWS, which both allows us to achieve even greater productivity in working with cloud solutions;
  • dense interaction and cooperation with one of the most significant organizations in the domain of cloud computing;
  • access to marketing resources that can be used to bring an even greater value to our clients;
  • funding benefits and expanded opportunities on buying and selling technologies related to the AWS stack. 

Partnership with AWS and development in the domain of cloud technologies have been our top priorities for a long period of time. Our AWS Partner Network (APN) membership is an essential milestone on our path to excellence. It reflects our expertise in delivering high-quality cloud solutions and opens new opportunities for us. Delighted with our achievement, we keep on setting new goals and aiming at new heights because we know that continuous improvement is the only way to excellence. 


About Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a dominant name in the cloud computing industry. It offers a broad range of resources that allow businesses to develop scalable, multifunctional, and stable cloud solutions. With more than 175 services, AWS ensures security and enhances the growth opportunities of many organizations. 


About Binariks 

Binariks is a reputable technology partner for businesses interested in embracing the potential of digital technology. We specialize in cloud computing and employ the full potential of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP in order to provide secure, highly-scalable, and feature-packed solutions to our clients. We work in a broad range of industries and provide a significant list of services aimed at helping the customers achieve the most far-reaching business goals.