Inside Binariks: Unveiling the Vital Role of a Business Analyst

Updated Dec 20, 2023 · 9 min read

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Maryna Pavliuk
Maryna Pavliuk
Content manager, Copywriter

As the creative force behind Binariks' narratives, Maryna combines her multidisciplinary copywriting experience with the company's core domains to create meticulous and research-driven content.

In her everyday work, she aims to make complex concepts approachable and relatable and shape Binariks' distinctive tone of voice.


Yuliia Hlushko
Yuliia Hlushko
Lead Business Analyst, Head of BAO

Yuliia is an experienced IT business analyst with domain knowledge in the healthcare, e-learning, logistics, and agriculture sectors. 

Her prominent skills the Binariks clients are lucky to benefit from include but are not limited to conducting discovery, finding out problems, and inventing solutions.

Yuliia is truly passionate about product management, business analysis, and problem-solving. She always seeks opportunities to apply her expertise to creating innovative solutions and contributing to clients' success.


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