AWS-based Primary Care Platform

Healthcare, Insurance




The client has a significant user base that has grown through time. They have also cooperated with many Medicare partners and governmental organizations, which required the customer to ensure maximum security and FHIR standard compliance.


Our cooperation with the client started with a discovery phase. We researched the existing solution built with AWS Lambda. It covered the basic business needs of the customer and was integrated with several third-party services. After reviewing the existing software architecture and analyzing the client’s business needs, we suggested improvements to the customer’s software and its design.

The next stage involved the active development of the product. Our software developers used AWS to deliver a highly-scalable web platform. Each stage of the project was followed by comprehensive QA testing. We also ensured the app's HIPAA-compliance.

Much attention was paid to the interoperability of the provided product. Our dedicated developers ensured medical device connectivity and smooth healthcare data exchange arranged according to the HL7 FHIR standard.

We continue the cooperation with the client to ensure the full transition of their platform to AWS. Currently, we work on replacing third-party tools integrated into the system with native AWS services. We also expand the functionalities of the client’s platform and optimize it

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