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Project Context



  • About Client

    Our client is a medical corporation that offers digitized solutions for advanced healthcare services to Medicare beneficiaries. They provide an AWS-powered platform integrated with several third-party products that connect physicians and patients to streamline their communication. It records data from wearable tracking devices used by customers and supports personal or virtual visits to healthcare specialists to simplify primary care. The client also cooperates with governmental agencies and insurers to automatically reimburse Medicare services supplied to eligible beneficiaries.

    As part of data processing efforts, Binariks helps the client to collect medical information from third-party services and process it in a secure and responsible manner. We leverage the latest technologies and tools for big data processing in order to analyze and interpret vast amounts of data. In effect, we provide our clients with valuable insights that enable them to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Business challenge

    The customer faced a growing demand for their product, which required them to scale up the software. They also had issues with storing, processing, and exchanging data within the system. The existing process, designed for one data provider, limited the client's business and did not allow for the enrichment of the internal data warehouse with data from multiple remote sources. Another requirement was automating Medicare reimbursement processes integrated into the platform. Finally, the customer had to ensure better interoperability by adjusting APIs to the FHIR standard.

  • Solution

    Binariks provided a dedicated team involving frontend and backend developers, a business analyst, a quality assurance specialist, an architect, and a project manager.

    Our team of specialists leveraged the full potential of AWS serverless technologies to design an architecture that was resistant to high load while utilizing a Node.js backend and a React frontend. Our expertise in AWS serverless solutions allowed us to deliver a high-quality platform with significantly lower costs than those associated with traditional microservices.

  • Implementation

    Firstly, we researched the existing solution built with traditional microservices based on AWS architecture. It covered the basic business needs of the customer and was integrated with several third-party services. After reviewing the existing software architecture and analyzing the client’s business needs, we suggested improvements to the customer’s software and its design.

    The next stage involved the active development of the product. Our software developers used AWS best practices of serverless approach to delivering a highly-scalable web platform. Each stage of the project was followed by comprehensive QA testing. We also ensured the app's HIPAA compliance.

    Much attention was paid to the interoperability of the provided product. Our dedicated developers ensured medical device connectivity and smooth healthcare data exchange arranged according to the HL7 FHIR standard.

    Currently, we work on replacing third-party tools integrated into the system with native AWS services. We also expand the functionalities of the client’s platform and optimize it.


Value Delivered

  • We provided the client with a highly-scalable product that ensures smooth data exchange, organized according to HL7 FHIR standard. Apart from creating a more secure, elastic, and independent environment, our software specialists expanded the functionalities of the customer’s platform. In particular, we did the following:

    • Prepared the healthcare platform for processing increased and fluctuating volumes of patients’ data by switching to AWS Lambda functions;
    • Improved the code repository to enhance the stability and security of the healthcare solution through code sharing, software development staging, and testing;
    • Optimized the CI/CD procedure to speed up the development lifecycle;
    • Automated the transition of data to governmental agencies to streamline the insurance reimbursement process.

Jake Halpert

CEO, Healthcare Company


Binariks is a highly professional organization; they’re dedicated and hardworking. They continue to be focused and strong — in fact, they’re even stronger than our US teammates in terms of excellence and dedication. Overall, we have a great team structure with the right people and personalities.

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