Account-based marketing platform for global manufacturers


Project Context



  • About Client

    The client is a MarTech company that provides account-based marketing services to global manufacturers. The company has already developed an ABM platform that processes anonymous buying activity on clients’ websites in order to provide users with relevant customer data and ensure more efficient targeting.

    The ABM platform was continuously growing to become one of the dominant software solutions in the sphere of account-based marketing. It was run by a middle-sized business that lacked technology expertise for the further expansion and scaling of its product.

  • Business challenge

    The client had to redesign the existing application almost completely. The main purpose was to optimize its functionalities, make it more stable, and ensure security and scalability by arranging the cloud migration.

    Data processing automation was one of the key challenges that had to be addressed. A better optimized software would allow the client to introduce a top-quality solution for global manufacturers willing to embrace the potential of account-based marketing. Among many objectives set for the project, the main one was the requirement to rearchitect almost 90% of the existing product.

  • Solution

    Binariks extended the client’s team with experienced technology professionals. We have also significantly optimized the application by rewriting its essential part and ensuring its migration to the cloud.

  • Implementation

    During the initial stage, our software engineering specialists went to Paris to participate in a two-week planning of the project. After that, all employees engaged in its technical implementation were divided into two subteams that started working remotely. Binariks subteam was composed of 2 Java developers, one React developer, and a DevOps specialist.

    We have successfully enhanced the application’s migration to Google Cloud Platform and provided the client with multiple fresh insights and ideas. We modified the existing product and fixed specific problems. One of the most significant challenges was manual data processing,. Eventually, we’ve integrated a tool that automates data processing. In addition to that, we successfully integrated dashboards and other features required for data visualization in the provided product.

    Our company managed to meet all the objectives and contribute to the development of a scalable and fully-automated ABM platform with Java backend and React frontend.

Value Delivered

  • The delivered product is a top-notch ABM software that enjoys a massive popularity among global manufacturers. Binariks has made a significant contribution to the eventual success of the project. We managed to:

    • meet all the set objectives
    • meet the deadlines of the project
    • provide the client with relevant ideas on product modernization
    • show an outstanding devotion, proactiveness, and openness to communication

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