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The steadily growing US food delivery market is expected to reach .7 billion by 2024. Despite the rapid increase in the number of consumers ready to order online, market competition remains fierce. To withstand it, food marketplaces need to ensure smooth delivery with a wide selection of restaurants and payment options. Realizing such a demand, EatStreet has released web and mobile solutions that enable people to order various meals from local restaurants with maximum ease. They decided to optimize all three platforms in order to attract even more users with convenient interfaces and advanced food ordering and delivery functionalities.


Founded in 2010, EatStreet has always focused on software solutions as a connecting point between restaurants and diners. The company started with hundreds of whitelabel websites that were later united into a single food delivery marketplace. Thus, when EatStreet got in touch with Binariks, they already had the web platform complemented by iOS and Android apps for restaurants, couriers, and consumers.

What Binariks did

EatStreet relied on our experience with Scrum software development to build an effective model of remote cooperation. Our team has always participated in stand-up meetings, sprint planning, and estimations of the customer. As a result, we have achieved smooth communication with EatStreet providing frontend, backend, UX services, and QA testing for different products when their in-house specialists needed assistance.

The composition of Binariks’ tech team has varied depending on the needs of the customer and the stage of product development. Such an approach enabled EatStreet to increase the flexibility and scalability of their software development capacities.

Since the beginning of the partnership with EatStreet, Binariks team has mainly focused on:

  • optimization of EatStreet web platform with the Angular technology stack, performance testing, and regular updates;
  • enhancing the ordering process in the iOS and Android apps for diners with the Group order and Split billing features;
  • Optimization of payment processing functionalities in the client’s application for diners;
  • UI/UX services for EatStreet's solution that enables restaurants to customize the food ordering app template for end-users;
  • QA services aimed at checking the applications’ conformity with the essential quality standards.



Steve Anastasi

CTO at EatStreet


We went with Binariks because their project management and communication were good. I wanted to find a company that not only provided technical resources but also backed them up with good account management. We wanted a company with a strong work ethic and a commitment to accuracy. My philosophy is that no matter where our engineers sit, we work as one team . The Binariks team fits well with our philosophy. They take a sense of ownership in these projects. Their team is focused and engaged in the work that they do. They’re available when we need them and work seamlessly with our team.

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