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Project Context



  • About Client

    EatStreet is a US food delivery services company based in Madison, WI. Launched as a startup in 2010, the company has grown into a large-scale marketplace uniting 15,000 restaurants, 1000 couriers, and 1.7 million active users in 250 cities. The client currently operates with three primary products. The first one is the application for diners that order food in restaurants and cafes. The second application is developed for restaurants that are required to provide orders to users. The third app is created for drivers responsible for the distribution of products.

  • Business challenge

    The client required additional flexibility for numerous technology projects involving both its mobile apps and a web-based platform. Although the customer already had an in-house engineering team, the additional team of software specialists would enhance their capacity and boost the optimization of the client’s digital products.

  • Solution

    Binariks promptly gathered a custom team of skilled software engineers. It has fully synchronized with the in-house team of EatStreet to jointly work on software optimization, engineering, and design. In the course of this cooperation, Binariks developed a range of new web and mobile features for all clients applications.

  • Implementation

    When EatStreet got in touch with Binariks, they already had the web platform complemented by iOS and Android apps for restaurants, couriers, and consumers. The composition of Binariks’ Scrum tech team has varied depending on the needs of the customer and the stage of product development. Such an approach enabled EatStreet to increase the flexibility and scalability of their software development capacities.

    Since the beginning of the partnership with EatStreet, Binariks team has mainly focused on:

    • Optimization of EatStreet web platform with the Angular technology stack, performance testing, and regular updates;
    • Enhancing the ordering process in the iOS and Android apps for diners with the Group order and Split billing features;
    • Optimization of payment processing functionalities in the client’s application for diners;
    • UI/UX services for EatStreet's solution that enables restaurants to customize the food ordering app template for end-users;
    • QA services aimed at checking the applications’ conformity with the essential quality standards.

Value Delivered

  • Binariks supplied EatStreet with a dedicated team of developers to back up their in-house staff when needed and reduce development costs.

    • We provided EatStreet with a full range of software development services, from backend and frontend engineering to UX/UI design and testing
    • Our team increased the flexibility and scalability of the customer’s in-house software development team
    • We optimized customer’s software and helped EatStreet to improve the quality of their customer service by developing additional features for their apps

Steve Anastasi

CTO at EatStreet


We went with Binariks because their project management and communication were good. I wanted to find a company that not only provided technical resources but also backed them up with good account management. We wanted a company with a strong work ethic and a commitment to accuracy. My philosophy is that no matter where our engineers sit, we work as one time. The Binariks team fits well with our philosophy. They take a sense of ownership in these projects. Their team’s focused and engaged in the work that they do. They’re available all of the time and seem to be part of our team

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