Secure Messaging Platform Based on ID Authentication


Project Context



  • About Client

    The client is a Swedish IT company that provides secure messaging opportunities. IDKollen works primarily with a national electronic identification method that allows companies, banks, and government agencies to authenticate people online or over the phone. The client offers its services to all citizens of Sweden, regardless of their age and occupation.

    The client is a small business that has already developed numerous secure messaging apps with limited functionalities. Valuable services provided by IDKollen are the following:

    • A secure messaging system where the user has to apply their Bank ID for authentication to watch the message
    • A system that allows various companies to send requests to users, while users have to apply their BankID to respond to such requests
    • A system that allows Swedish citizens to fill in GDPR forms that are later identified by their SSN

  • Business challenge

    The client had numerous separate applications that provided multiple services related to the Swedish Bank ID verification. Meanwhile, the existing, built with PHP, applications were not stable and secure enough for a system working with national identification codes. IDKollen had an ambition of bringing the project to a new level by uniting the functions of all applications in a single highly-scalable product. The client approached Binariks with a complex request of merging their services into a single tab-based solution with React frontend and Java backend.

  • Solution

    Binariks provided a team composed of a PM, a lead backend developer, a frontend developer, and a QA specialist to deliver a highly-scalable, secure, and packed with diverse features platform that unites and expands basic functionalities of the client’s applications. The final product is a GDPR-compliant solution with Java at backend and React at frontend.

  • Implementation

    After the preliminary analysis of the client’s requirements and specific project demands, our software development team started creating an application from scratch. We chose Spring framework to develop a stable and scalable backend of the platform. React was chosen as the main solution for creating the application’s frontend. Our frontend developer successfully implemented the user interface designed by the clients.

    After the synchronous development of both backend and frontend for the platform, we launched the quality assurance stage which included the following steps:

    • Requirements gathering and analysis
    • Test planning and design
    • Functional testing and graphical user interface (GUI) testing
    • Regression testing and Smoke testing execution
    • Final test reporting

    Postman was chosen as a reliable solution for API testing. Also, our backend developer conducted numerous unit tests to ensure the quality of the application.

    We are still engaged on the project and constantly expand the functionalities of the client’s platform and introduce features that will facilitate.

Value Delivered

  • IDKollen is a successful actor in the Swedish market of IT technologies. The developed platform provides a broad range of functionalities and is a popular solution among some of the most prominent Swedish companies.

    All the requirements of the client have been met because the provided platform incorporates all the requested functionalities and even expands them. Also, IDKollen was satisfied with the results of the external code review that showed that Binariks software developers had provided a high-quality product.

  • The platform is a single, secure, multifunctional, and highly-scalable solution adapted to work with continuously increasing loads of data, which means that the main business challenge faced by IDKollen is solved.

    When it comes to the value provided to the client during the work on the project, continuous and productive communication, proactiveness, attentiveness to deadlines, and a top-quality product delivered are the essential features of our tech support service.

Marco Livago



“Binariks delivered quality work. On top of that, they’ve been proactive partners throughout the engagement. They clearly understand the project’s needs and have been able to make suggestions to improve the final product.”

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Secure Messaging Platform Based on ID Authentication

Binariks helped a Swedish technology company in developing a secure messaging platform based on the national BankID authentication.

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