Secure Messaging Platform Based on ID Authentication





The client understood that some prominent Swedish companies required secure messaging systems for their operations and communication with Swedish citizens. The platform also covers a rather broad market since it can be used by literally any Swedish citizen.

The client took the niche of secure messaging and ID verification software to become a prominent actor in the Swedish IT market.


The project was completed in numerous stages. At the first stage, Binariks provided the client with a team composed of a project manager, a senior backend developer, a frontend developer, and a QA expert. We have also provided a detailed technology consultation. Our software development experts made numerous suggestions on expanding the functionalities of the client’s software and creating a product that would eliminate its inconsistencies.

After the preliminary analysis of the client’s requirements and specific project demands, our software development team started creating an application from scratch. Spring framework and its tools were chosen as the most relevant Java stack technologies for developing a stable and scalable backend of the platform. React was chosen as the main solution for creating the application’s frontend. Our frontend developer successfully implemented the user interface designed by the clients. During this stage, our software engineering professionals showed outstanding proactiveness and openness to communication.

After the synchronous development of both backend and frontend for the platform, we launched the quality assurance stage. Our QA testing specialist arranged the quality assurance process in numerous consecutive stages:

  • Requirements gathering and analysis;
  • Test planning and design;
  • Functional testing and graphical user interface (GUI) testing;
  • Regression testing and Smoke testing execution;
  • Final test reporting;

Postman was chosen as a reliable solution for API testing. Also, our backend developer conducted numerous unit tests to ensure the quality of the application. The final product was provided to the client in less than 4 months from the start of the project.

The next stage, namely support and maintenance, is currently ongoing. We constantly expand the functionalities of the client’s platform and introduce features that will facilitate the customer in increasing its outreach. Also, we continuously support the client in scaling, which is valuable due to the increasing loads of information associated with complex data encryption.



Marco Livago



“Binariks delivered quality work. On top of that, they’ve been proactive partners throughout the engagement. They clearly understand the project’s needs and have been able to make suggestions to improve the final product.”

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