Best Examples Of React Native Apps In 2018

Look around you. Do you see at least one person that does not have a mobile phone in the hands? Can you recognize someone who is just watching in the window or talking to friends without checking the phone every 2 minutes? By the way, are you reading this article from your smartphone while having a cup of coffee or sitting in a comfortable chair on your laptop? We bet that most of our readers gain new information mostly or only from mobile devices. And it is quite ok. We live in the mobile devices era, and we should get used to this.

No doubts, sometimes our world is just too digital, and it gets hard to build a real-life conversation. But let’s be honest. Mobile devices and apps opened new horizons for every industry. Business owners have taken their business to a higher level with various applications that are both useful and attractive for each customer that uses them. Everyday life got considerably easier and better just because of some small iOS or Android devices.

There is a great need to keep your hand on the pulse and follow all the mobile industry trends in order to succeed. Each interested specialist needs to know how to build a high-quality mobile business solution. Today, we would like to draw your attention to React Native, its potential, advantages and best examples of React Native apps in 2018.

Hype Around React Native

As we have mentioned above, there are 2 main operating systems that dominate the smartphone OS market. So, users are divided into 2 camps: those who support and use only Android devices, and of course, Apple lovers. It is rather hard to say which community is bigger. The answer to this question, you need to do a comprehensive research of the target region and audience.

Besides that, each entrepreneur wants to reach out to as many users as possible with the mobile app. It is quite logical: when people invest money in mobile app development, they want their expectations to be fulfilled.

Let’s take a look at the key things that make a difference for business owners that want to dive into mobile app development:

  • time of development
  • development costs,
  • quality of the solution.

If there is a certain need to build a solution for 2 platforms, the amount of time and money to spend rises. Native development for iOS or Android only requires specific approaches and 2 separate teams to work on the solutions independently.

On the other hand, the great opportunity to implement a hybrid development approach appeared only a couple of years ago. Now, software engineers can construct an app that would work seamlessly on any device. This cuts costs and accelerates the development process. Additionally, the hybrid development provides the user experience that it is quite close to the native one. Using the common web technologies like HTML/CSS markup languages, JavaScript and React Native is a great opportunity to reach the excellent results.

React Native entered the scene not so long ago but since that time it has won the attention of both IT engineers and users. We would like to highlight the top reasons for its popularity:

  • One Codebase – Two Apps

React Native has you covered for both Android and iOS development. A software development team works on one project which results in 2 complete mobile solutions for 2 different platforms.

  • Time Efficiency

There is a significant point that flows organically from the previous one. As there is no need to spend time on native Android and iOS development, the customer gets the mobile solution much faster in comparison with native development.

  • New Opportunities for Developers

With React Native, web developers can try their skills. There is no need to study additional technologies or buy a book like Java for Dummies. The great React Native community improves the library and helps newcomers gain expertise in it.

  • Amazing User Interface

Users love the best apps that use React Native! Some non-IT specialists even believe that such applications are native. The key goal of the library is to provide a fascinating UI. It is quite reasonable: React Native is a JS tool, so the responsive interface is the top priority.

  • Top Users’ Companies

Maybe you have already heard that React Native is the product of Facebook. The years went by, and now React Native is the open-source solution that caters to the needs of such market leaders as Instagram, Airbnb, Skype and many, many others.

React Native: Advantages and Disadvantages

As for software developers, React Native may bring both new great opportunities for the professional improvement and a great career or some complications connected with it. So, what do developers think about React Native?

Briefly About React Native Advantages

  • No Rewriting

One of the top advantages of React Native is that it can be easily applied to the existing code with no need to rewrite it. If there is a necessity to extend the functionality of the application, you can add the library components and start running the app on mobile platforms.

  • Native Performance with Hybrid Development

React Native provides a developer with reusable components, so native performance gets easy to reach. Tools built with the library illustrate awesome features similar to the native apps.

  • Plugin Compatibility

Another useful feature is that React Native allows you to take advantage of seamless integration with many plugins. Besides that, it uses less memory and still runs fast even with several external plugins. No need to reinvent the wheel – only simplified processes and better experiences.

  • Work in a Small Team

It is more comfortable to cooperate with a small team of enthusiasts that communicate with no obstacles and work on one solution. It is common that Android and iOS teams find it difficult to interact during the development, and a React Native team beats this inconvenience.

  • Saving Your Money

The next advantage emphasized by our developers is that React Native saves a significant amount of money. We analyzed our financial reports thoroughly and came to the conclusion that we considerably minimized the budget of the customers who wanted to get the best app written in React Native. On the contrary, native development was more expensive.

A Few Words on React Native Disadvantages

  • Hard to Start with

Junior developers complain that it is quite a challenge to start coding using React Native. One should have at least some experience in JS to start developing an app with this JS library.

  • Limited Number of Reusable Components

Although it is expected that the number of React Native components will rise, at the moment the collection is rather limited.

  • Native Code Is Still Needed

A few lines above we have mentioned that there is no need to write native code if you use React Native. However, if you would like to access some native components or functionality, it is necessary to apply the native elements.

  • Poor Security

There is an opinion that it is quite risky to use React Native for the apps that handle some sensitive personal data. This library is not so powerful for implementing security features.

  • Efficiency vs Intensity

High load apps written in React Native may load more slowly and demonstrate inefficiency.

Top 10 React Native App in 2018

There are always 2 sides to the coin, and each tool has its pros and cons. At the same time, there are many great solutions written in React Native that literary blow up the market. Let’s find out more about the top apps using React Native.

  • Facebook

React Native is a JS library built by Facebook for Facebook needs, so it is nothing weird that we have put this app at the top of our list. We can experience all the advantages of React Native while using this app since the community works on its improvement continuously.

  • Instagram

As we have mentioned above, Instagram is another great company that uses the library for its needs. Everything started with adding React Native to improve push notifications and profile editing. Now, Instagram fully uses its advantages.

  • Walmart

As you know, Walmart is a great marketplace that operates both online and as a traditional store. The company works with a huge amount of clients, and a couple of years ago its development team decided that there will be no better option than applying React Native components to their app.

  • Tesla

If you still have some doubts about the possibilities of React Native, just download Tesla application. Its interface and features demonstrate the magnificence and innovations of the Tesla brand.

  • Wix

110 million – this is the number of Wix app users. Wix developers can easily manage the orders and activity, interact with the users and attract more potential customers. At one of the IT event is 2016, Wix developers even postulated that React Native is a “game changer” in the mobile industry.

  • Skype

Though there are users that claim Skype has lost its might since Windows acquired it, Skype mobile app demonstrates comparatively nice UI/UX. However, at the same time, many users are unsatisfied with the inconvenient front-end.

  • Airbnb

The popularity of Airbnb increases daily, so the necessity to go mobile was obvious for the company. The contributors decided to use React Native as a key tool for the application improvement and noticed a significant jump in the number of users as well as in the level of their satisfaction.

  • UberEats

Uber is famous not only for transportation but also for food delivery. UberEats is one of the best React native apps examples in 2018 that deals with multiple orders daily, provides the user with a convenient dashboard and demonstrates advanced user experience.

  • Bloomberg

Bloomberg Media switched to React Native to take advantage of the library’s advantages. React Native accelerates the processes and provides new features to the users of the app.

  • DiscoveryVR

With over 30 years on the media market, Discovery extends its borders and deepens the knowledge of mobile users. Combining React Native with VR technologies gets the application to the top.

How Binariks Can Help You

Binariks is a qualified team of software development professionals with a proven experience in using React Native. We have kept our hands on the pulse of the technology’s development, so we are aware of its peculiarities and possibilities.

We know exactly how to build a mobile application for you. First, we will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your problem and several options on how to solve it. Our dedicated team will take care of every aspect:

  • Business analysis;
  • Attractive design;
  • High-quality development;
  • Thorough QA;
  • Successful launch;
  • Continuous support.


Mobile development gets easier with React Native. This JS library allows launching a prominent application that runs smoothly on any mobile platform. Working together with Binariks development team will help you provide the brand-new experience to your customers and clients. Do not miss a chance to play your own role in the mobile apps market.