Remote Patient Monitoring Application


Project Context



  • About Client

    Our client is a hospital in the US. They wanted to improve the treatment outcomes and prevent the aggravation of patients with CHD by getting deep insights from health data.

    The client envisioned a software solution for measuring vital signs such as heart rate, saturation rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure with the help of its built-in sensors. The main purpose of the solution is to provide continuous remote monitoring of the patient’s health and help to determine if the patient with CHD (Congenital Heart Disease) is at risk of health deterioration. Tech-wise, the client needed to ensure secure data exchange between EHR/EMR systems and application.

  • Business challenge

    The envisioned solution has functions that entail security, regulations, interoperability, and integration challenges. Firstly, the application has to follow all relevant state medical data security requirements including HIPAA Rule. Secondly, it has to run flawless ML data analysis to help doctors make correct assumptions. Thirdly, it has to be designed taking into consideration various user flow options. Additionally, the client wants to deliver a simple user experience so remote patient care has to be conducted via an affordable gadget.

  • Solution

    It was crucial to replace medical devices like oximeters and sphygmomanometers with more widely used appliances. Our team has created a solution prototype – an app that runs on mobile phones. The measurement is based on the concept of Photoplethysmography (PPG) which uses the smartphone camera and optionally a LED flash in order to analyze the vital signs. Thus, a patient can measure heart rate, saturation rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure using a mobile phone.

  • Implementation

    Binariks tech team has landed on the idea of applying the ML CHF Processing. This technology allows us to predict the CHF status and communicate it with the hospital EMR system.

    The prototype we’ve created can be used by hospitals through its own Authentication Policy (SMART on FHIR) that communicates with federal authentication. This part of the solution ensures that the app follows the HIPAA Rule and best practices of health data interoperability.

    We have divided the solution into the app vendor side and the hospital side. This helped the client manage access to health data and, hence, secure it. In effect, each type of user so doctors and patients have easy access to the data they need.

Value Delivered

    • We’ve enabled a simplified way of monitoring the vital sign measurement for patients with chronic diseases that require long-term care
    • Enabled HIPAA-compliant interoperability between hospital EMR systems and remote care application
    • Our tech team has created a solution prototype that enables remote patient monitoring for those patients who have limited access to the medical service and doctor visit
    • The solution has reduced the need for direct contact between a medical worker and a patient during epidemics

  • Among all the delivered services, the most valuable ones are:

    • Technology excellence
    • Openness to communication
    • Adherence to all customer requirements
    • Agility and professionalism
    • Ability to take responsibility for the final outcomes

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