Internet of Things


Binariks Internet of Things (IoT) team will help you to make the business transformation and change the way how your business interacts with the physical world and deliver value to your customers.



The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming many industries. IoT solutions with integrated sensors, hardware, and software increase business bottom line by creating a new business model, lowering operation cost, developing new product offerings and delivering new customer experience.
More accessible and smaller hardware makes it easier than ever before to develop IoT systems.

Binariks can create IoT application of any size and complexity ranging from a quick prototype to a full-fledged IoT-powered business application. We cover such components of IoT solution as data, hardware, software, and security.

What we do

  • Choose your hardware platform (processing board etc.)
  • Develop the application software
  • Create the integrated UI
  • Develop the APIs, beacons, web sockets, and procedure calls that enable the high-level communication between devices
  • Establish security, data storage, and analytics measures

Creating a full-fledged distributed IoT solution requires a deep knowledge of various technologies and tools. At Binariks, we leverage our rich BigData and Analytics, Networking, IT, Web and Mobile expertise to provide our clients with world-class IoT solutions.

While the IoT opens tremendous opportunities, it also introduces a lot of security concerns. Binariks IoT experts will design and implement a robust security strategy for your product that will prevent any data and identity theft, device manipulation, data falsification, IP theft and even server/network manipulation.

We will help you innovate and take advantage of wearables, connected sensors, beacons, and mobile devices.



  • AllJoyn from Allseen consortium
  • IoTivity from OIC


  • Family of Arduino
  • Prototyping board and platforms (Arduino, Raspberry Pi)
  • Wifi and Ethernet shields
  • Different types of sensors


  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • UDP/ TCP
  • 6LoWPAN

Data Brokers/ Cloud Platforms

  • ThingWorx
  • Sense

Our Services

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