COVID-19 Testing Mobile App for Digital Health Company

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The idea of creating a DaaS platform for home self-testing for people and corporations was inspired by the growing need of doing regular COVID-19 tests. Our client solves two large issues for corporations: they organize the COVID-19 testing process and decrease hospitalization, outbursts, and absenteeism budgets.


We began our collaboration with the client during an active development phase: the client was working with another tech partner and was planning to increase development capacity to meet the deadlines. We gathered a team of a back-end engineer, three React Native mobile app programmers, a web software engineer, and a project manager to help the client finish a mobile app.

During the next phase of collaboration – refactoring, our engineers offered to rewrite the platform from PHP to Elixir which was expected to significantly simplify the product scaling and allow the company to expand the user base. Then, we transformed the solution architecture by transitioning to a microservice-based structure and provided the following improvements:

  • Enabled corporate company managers to monitor the number and progress of people with positive COVID-19 test results
  • Implemented Kubernetes for seamless deployment to a larger extent
  • Improved authentication process with bio-authentification functions
  • Integrated a payment service functionality
  • Added various types of notifications and deep links for faster navigation
  • Implemented QR code reading function and intuitive UI flows
  • Added a vaccine card upload feature
  • Provided HIPAA consulting and prepared a list of requirements for app optimization according to the standard




Digital Health Company


The quality of their developers is impressive. In addition to that, Binariks truly cares about the project. They reach out to us to find out how things are going. If we think that something isn’t going well, they immediately take steps to fix it.

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