Web application for investment




The client’s software was demanded in the investment market. The customer realized the relevance of uniting the existing products into a single one. It would help them expand the marketplace and attract even more investors and finance experts to it. They realized that a highly-scalable web platform providing its users with an access to the exclusive league of investors would be a successful step.


The first stage of our involvement in the project incorporated design and architecture. We provided the client with technology consulting services and helped them choose the most appropriate approach for the application implementation. In particular, we decided to use diverse technologies from the Angular stack for the development of scalable and user-friendly interfaces and Node.js for rapid and scalable implementation. We developed a step-by-step development plan, which was adjusted to customer requirements.

The longest part of the project involved active development with continuous releases to production. This stage took around 1.5 years. Our dedicated technology professionals showed openness to communication and properly implemented all the required features of the application. We developed a highly-scalable app with an integrated payment system and a real-time chat. Numerous essential steps of active development were immediately followed by quality testing that allowed us to detect any issues and deliver a production-ready application conforming to all quality standards.

After the active phase of software development, we continued our cooperation with the client by providing them with support and maintenance services. We helped the client with the optimization of their product and expanded functionalities of the application later down the road.



XiaoChen Guo

Head of Engineering, Planet of Finance


“Binariks has taken on the project as their own and acted professionally during stressful times.”

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