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The customer already had a significant client base. They were known as one of the most technically-advanced companies in the procurement market. To preserve their reputation and secure the competitive edge, Pelican Procurement constantly renews their platform and add new functions improving its efficiency. 


We started our work on this project with the research of the client's existing platform. The main challenge was to understand the app's codebase, which, according to the customer, was not documented properly. Meanwhile, our software development specialists managed to cope with this task in relatively short terms. 

After that, we started the active development of the procurement platform. Binariks full-stack specialists fit into the client's software development team and cooperated with a separate database management team provided by the customer. We worked according to the clearly defined Scrum methodology. All work on the project was divided into short sprints involving development and stabilization. 

As a result of our productive partnership with the client, we rewrote most of the customer's app from Angular.js into Angular 9. We also enriched the customer's platform with some new functionalities. For example, our full-stack specialists added a food checker function. It creates separate user web portals for procurement that provide detailed information on food and other products. 

Binariks continues cooperating with Pelican Procurement. We continuously update their platform with new features and functions. The customer plans further renovation of their software. Therefore, we expect long and productive cooperation with this customer. 



Dan Etherington

Pelican Procurement


Binariks brings real value to our business with their contributions, and their positive and “can-do” attitude.

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