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Project Context



  • About Client

    A Netherlands-based cryptocurrency payment system for e-sports betting was searching for a software development partner to revamp the MVP of their web app.

    The company was planning to expand to new markets and requested the development of new features. Currently, the company works with Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, and its own Ethereum-based cryptocurrency.

    The platform has filled in the fast-growing e-sports cryptocurrency betting niche and offered a simpler way of online betting. To find product market fit, our client went live with a POC.

  • Business challenge

    Before collaborating with Binariks, the client had an MVP of its product that passed market testing. The MVP version of the platform allowed users to do e-sports betting using a preferred currency. In the beginning, the solution was comprised of the admin app for client management, API, and client app. The platform allowed clients to use cold, warm, and hot wallets for betting.

    Soon enough, the clients decided to scale the solution to aggressively gain new users from the high-income markets in North America and Asia and expand casino games offering with custom games. Binariks became an exclusive tech partner for client platform re-engineering.

  • Solution

    Binariks gathered a cross-functional team to estimate the as-is state of the product, find ways for improvement, and make a schedule for the implementation of the new scope of functions.

    As a result of the collaboration, our client received a solution with revamped back-end and front-end parts of the product. The client can now scale the product, integrate it with multiple third-party services, and deliver a secure betting experience to its users.

  • Implementation

    The state of the product didn’t allow the owner to integrate, manage, and scale it comfortably. So we’ve concentrated on analyzing ways to improve the product.

    Then, we set out to re-engineer the front end of the platform using React.js. A large part of this phase was spent on reconstructing the monolith architecture of the solution with a microservices-based structure.

    Our team helped the client to create a secure, scalable, market-ready product that is up to par with industry standards. We successfully rolled out new features:

    • Shifted to a microservice-based architecture
    • Integrated the platform with EveryMatrix to gather statistics and use the sports event calendar
    • Added betting history function for each account
    • Implemented two-factor log-in validation, email verification, and linked user account with phone number
    • Integrated Coin Market Cup to retrieve up-to-date currency exchange rates and planned out the transition from MetaMask to Solana to purchase cryptocurrency

Value Delivered

  • Collaboration between the client and Binariks team resulted in the delivery of a market-ready platform. With the improvements and new functions, users can attract, nurture, and retain users in high-income markets.

    Binariks capacitated the client with its expertise in cyber security by implementing authentication protocols. We also expanded the user’s opportunities for tracking, selling, buying cryptocurrency, and making data-driven betting decisions.

Founder & President

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Binariks ability to meet timelines distinguishes them from other providers. They also email us a bullet-point summary of our calls, and they’re very communicative. In addition, we can feel that they are invested in the project’s success — they want our product to succeed.” “Binariks is good at meeting timelines — they have the most reliable estimates I’ve encountered in my professional life. They’re accountable with their promises; they update us even with the smallest changes to the timeline

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