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The platform has filled in the fast-growing e-sports cryptocurrency betting niche and offered a simpler way of online betting. To find product market fit, our client went live with a POC.

This experience gave our client a more crystalized vision of the next iterations of product improvement. After running a test and seeing the market gap, the client asked Binariks to implement new features.


The primary phase of collaboration included in-depth research of the ways for product improvement. The state of the product didn’t allow the owner to integrate, manage, and scale it comfortably. Our collaboration went into three phases:

  1. Project investigation

  2. Re-engineering the front-end part of the solution

  3. Planning the implementation of new features

During the first stage, Binariks cross-functional team comprised of business analyst, solution architect, back-and-front software engineers, designer, and quality assurance specialist.

Next, we set out to re-engineer the front-end of the platform using React.js. A large part of this phase was spent on reconstructing the monolith architecture of the solution with a microservices-based structure.

The final part of the collaboration was dedicated to planning the implementation of new functions, creating necessary documentation, and building flows for new functions and features.

Our team helped the client to create a secure, scalable, market-ready product that is up to par with industry standards. We successfully rolled out new features:

  • Changed a monolith back-end solution architecture to a microservice-based one

  • Delivered and implemented the design of the revamped application and new landing pages for paid promotion for each betting

  • Integrated the platform with EveryMatrix to gather statistics and use the sports event calendar

  • Added betting history function for each account

  • Implemented two-factor log-in validation, email verification, and linked user account with phone number

  • Integrated Coin Market Cup to retrieve up-to-date currency exchange rates and planned out the transition from MetaMask to Solana to purchase cryptocurrency

Users were enabled to create accounts and educate themselves about the latest team and player performance, read about each cryptocurrency, access betting history to make betting decisions based on data.



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“Binariks ability to meet timelines distinguishes them from other providers. They also email us a bullet-point summary of our calls, and they’re very communicative. In addition, we can feel that they are invested in the project’s success — they want our product to succeed.” “Binariks is good at meeting timelines — they have the most reliable estimates I’ve encountered in my professional life. They’re accountable with their promises; they update us even with the smallest changes to the timeline.”

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