Cloud-based Analytics Dashboard for EV Infrastructure Company





The increasing number of electric vehicles, which is expected to grow by around 60 million items annually, creates a considerable infrastructure gap both for consumers and manufacturers. Since renewable energy sources are intermittent and irregular, EV charging companies may have difficulties with system stability and workload. Before the launch of the eMotorWerks’ platform, the EV market lacked a solution that would help to connect utilities with EV manufacturers and end-users. There was a growing demand for an IoT platform that could balance the grid, allow sharing it with many users, and bring EV charging to retail.


Before eMotorWerks initiated the cooperation with Binariks back in 2018, the company already had the IoT platform, JuiceNet. This platform was supplied to Honda and BMW to help them manage the EV charging process and renewable energy resources. When eMotorWerks started expanding to the European market and had just signed a contract with Renault, they were asked to design a similar charging analytics solution for car owners.

At this point, eMotorWerks lacked internal resources to cover the increasing scope of the project and develop a cloud-based analytics dashboard within the requested deadline. Since they needed to launch the product shortly, the time-consuming hiring and onboarding process wasn’t an option. Thus, eMotorWerks chose to hire a dedicated team that could develop a cloud-based analytics solution on top of the IoT platform remotely. That’s when an eMotorWerks’ manager contacted Binariks to discuss the terms of cooperation.

What Binariks did

Binariks estimated the scope of the project and assembled the team of 10 specialists with the necessary expertise. 3 frontend developers, 4 backend developers, 1 project manager, 1 quality assurance specialist, and 1 business analyst continued working on the cloud-based analytics dashboard until its launch.

For this project, our specialists were integrated with the eMotorWerks on-site team and followed Scrum methodology with two-weeks sprints. We organized daily stand-ups and regular demo sessions to keep the client updated on the progress.

Binariks helped to build a cloud-based analytics solution connected to the eMotorWerks platform. The scope included all the necessary functionality and allowed users to:

  • Track the EV charging process
  • Analyze energy market prices in real-time
  • View predicted increase in price over a specific time
  • Check detailed statistics on consumed electricity and its cost
  • Generate statistics in different formats, including charts, tables, etc.
  • Access a detailed map of charging stations to find the closest charging spot
  • Get an optimized charging schedule powered with a custom machine learning algorithm

After the client approved the developed scope and finalized the requirements, Binariks continued working on the product to fine-tune it and release it for a larger audience. The final version of the analytics dashboard was successfully released and received positive feedback from eMotorWerks and end-users.



Andriy Fedorenko

Product Manager at eMotorWerks


Their work has allowed us to release products quicker and be more efficient. They jump on the project and immediately know what to do, which means we didn’t have to spend too much time explaining. They commit to timelines and hold themselves accountable for their work.

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