Web App Development & Blockchain Technology for Education Platform


Project Context



  • About Client

    The client is a Japanese company that provides education-related software to a broad category of users. The customer offers next-generation solutions based on significant expertise in the domain of educational technologies, along with an understanding of user needs.

    The customer decided to launch an application that issues and verifies educational badges. The main aim of the platform is to validate the academic records of its users, which improves their employment opportunities and academic perspectives.

    The company decided to build its product with the help of Blockchain technology in order to ensure its maximum security.

  • Business challenge

    The client had a clear vision of the secure, Blockchain-backed product that would issue educational badges. They wanted to find a reliable partner with the required knowledge of Blockchain and other technologies applied for software development. They also needed to find a partner capable of using such knowledge in practice to build a product that works.

  • Solution

    Binariks provided a dedicated team composed of architect, a backend developer, a frontend developer, UI/UX designer, QA, and a project Manager. On the customer side, there was only a product manager.

    Our experienced software specialists developed an architecture for the client’s web platform. We created an MVP with Java backend and React frontend. We continue our work on the first version of the product.

  • Implementation

    During the discovery phase, our architect provided a basic architecture for the upcoming MVP. We suggested the most appropriate technology stack for the project and started developing a UI/UX design for the application.

    After all the main functionalities and technological features of the product were decided, we started our work on the MVP. Our developers used Java stack on backend and Reactfor frontend development. Our professionals provided the client with technology notes and weekly status reports.

    After the MVP was ready and the list of platform requirements and functionalities was updated, our dedicated team started working on the first version of the application. Our software engineering professionals ensured the integration of Blockchain technologies in order to promote top-notch security of educational badges.

    We have provided the customer with the first version of the application. We will continue our cooperation in order to optimize the product and ensure its GDPR compliance.

Value Delivered

  • We have provided the customer with an MVP that incorporates the basic functionalities of the Blockchain-powered edutech platform. The provided product is a highly-scalable and feature-packed web application with Java backend and React front end. We continue our cooperation with the customer to deliver a demanded in the market of educational technologies products.

    Main values to which we adhere while working on this project are the following:

    • technology expertise
    • openness to communication
    • the ability to take ownership and proactiveness
    • continuous accounting
    • strict adherence to the deadlines
    • convenient coordination of all effort

Takeshi Sasaki

Director & CTO, Edulab


“The team at Binariks is vibrant, proactive, and efficient. Their autonomous nature complements their open approach.”

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