Web App Development & Blockchain Technology for Education Platform





Due to their significant industry expertise, the client was familiar with the most valuable trends and demands peculiar to the Asian market of educational technologies. The customer realized that a secure and trustworthy platform, fortified with Blockchain technologies, would aid both educational facilities and their students.


The work on the project started from a discovery phase in May 2020. At this stage, our architect provided a basic architecture for the upcoming MVP. We suggested the most appropriate technology stack for the project and started developing a UI/UX design for the application.

After all the main functionalities and technological features of the product were decided, we started our work on the MVP. Our developers used Java stack to create the application backend. React became the main solution for frontend development. During the active development phase, Binariks technology specialists continuously communicated with the client via Slack. We also had weekly meetings and demonstrations that updated the client regarding the status of a project. Jira was chosen as the best solution for task management. Our professionals also provided the client with technology notes and weekly status reports.

After the MVP was ready and the list of platform requirements and functionalities was updated, our dedicated team started working on the first version of the application. Our software engineering professionals ensured the integration of Blockchain technologies in order to promote top-notch security of educational badges. We also enriched the web platform with multiple new functionalities. One of the main challenges faced by our team is that we have to ensure the integration of the platform with the customer’s account management software, which is also in the stage of development. It requires us to align some of our efforts with the client’s software development specialist working on the account management application.

At this point, we have provided the customer with the first version of the application. We will continue our cooperation in order to optimize the product, ensure its GDPR compliance, and expand its functionalities in accordance with the emerging client requirements.



Takeshi Sasaki

Director & CTO, Edulab


“The team at Binariks is vibrant, proactive, and efficient. Their autonomous nature complements their open approach.”

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