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The client’s web platforms already had a significant user base. They were popular among collectors of classic cars and among people interested in the history of the US automotive industry. Meanwhile, both websites required significant optimization in order to conform to modern quality standards and attract even more actual and potential users.  


We started our cooperation with a discovery phase. The customer requested the optimization and the expansion of functionalities for their auction acceleration platform. We analyzed the customer’s requirements and provided a dedicated team for this project. We worked with the provided design to optimize the customer’s software. Our QA specialist tested the provided product in order to ensure its quality. 

We ensured backend migration of the client’s platform from a legacy database. The provided product was a scalable web platform with a Ruby on Rails backend and React frontend. 

After all, objectives were met, we continued our cooperation with the customer in order to develop a platform of the American Classic Car Association. The active phase of development took more than half a year. During the project, we showed the ability to take ownership and make valuable decisions. Apart from developing backend and frontend for the product, we supported its business logic and even facilitated the development of the platform’s design. Our QA specialist synchronized the efforts with developers in order to make sure that the platform conforms with the most valuable security standards. 



Marion Newman

СTO, Auto Industry Solutions Company


Their team was able to present solutions for dealing with complex features.

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