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Project Context



  • About Client

    Our client is the company operating on the forefront of the digital health market. The company develops a speech processing platform to detect physiological changes in the human body using digital devices such as mobile phones and voice-driven digital assistants. The patient health monitoring application is planned to join the cohort of RPM solutions used for CFH patients in the US healthcare market. The client is currently focused on the process of monitoring CHF patients through the analysis of speech samples captured by a smartphone application and processed by an ML algorithm.

  • Business challenge

    Prior to collaboration with Binariks, the client had a non-commercial app which could analize the speech samples and notify the patient about risk of cardiovascular and lung disease. The app focused on the elder patients and provided them with the continious health monitoring.

    The client decided to engage Binariks to prepare the product for expanding to the US market and meet clear requirement to align with the FHIR safety standard. The general intention of the client was to make the app more holistic and appropriate for cooperation with hospital internal systems.

    Binariks team helped the client with the following challenges:

    • Reach medical data security in accordance with state regulations
    • Adjust the solution for implementation in hospitals with various regulations regarding patient PHI
    • The client is planning to integrate with multiple hospitals in the future
    • The solution architecture should include the integration with FHIR
    • Design the patient engagement solution taking in consideration various user flows options
  • Solution

    We assembled a team comprised of a project manager, solution architect, and a business analyst to generate the required deliverables. After a kick-off meeting, we set out to analyze the current solution architecture, design the onboarding flows, and gather valuable data.

    The client had a clear vision concerning the security standard they wanted to implement. Our solution architect has adjusted the existing solution architecture to be capable of supporting FHIR security standards.

  • Implementation

    Binariks team of business analyst, solution architect, and project manager helped the client with the following aspects:

      • Designed hospital, patient, and user onboarding flows
      • Enabled multi-tenant approach
      • Delivered SSO architecture
      • Picked technical solutions for the integration
      • Lead communication with the client and hospitals

    Value Delivered

    • Binariks delivered a solution vision that can be reached through FHIR integration. The client received an in-depth vision of preparation steps that should be made to get on the US healthcare market and meet all security regulations.

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