Why Should You Choose a Dedicated Team Model for Outsourced Projects?

A dedicated team model is rightly considered as one of the best outsourcing engagement models. Today, many world’s tech giants and newly born startups entrust their IT processes to third-party vendors. Suitable for companies of any size, the dedicated model allows to cut expenditures, increase productivity, and get other important benefits. Outsourcers have a unique chance to focus on their core business activities while powering their efforts with highly qualified developers. Such advantages have resulted in the rapid growth of the outsourcing market and predictable question ‘What outsourcing model to choose?’

Your hesitation is predictable. Currently, there are so many outsourcing destinations, engagement models, and companies that any choice has to be well-thought-out. If you decide to hire an entire team, they will become your partners for many years. An important step, isn’t it? Therefore, Binariks offers you to read a detailed article on dedicated outsourcing. It covers everything you must know to hire a team of developers.

What Is a Dedicated Team Model And How It Works?

Well, a dedicated team model is exactly what it sounds like. You find a third-party company that provides software development outsourcing services and hire engineers. This team is fully dedicated to your project during the cooperation process. The dedicated team structure may vary based on your project needs and phrase. For instance, at the discovery phase, the outsourcing provider may engage a business analyst. UX/UI specialists will contribute to the pre-design and design stages. The number of developers specializing in the relevant technologies also changes as the project evolves. One thing remains unchanged – you have an entire band of specialists focused solely on your software.

These are the main cases when you should hire a team of developers:

  • Project requirements and duration are likely to change
  • There are several projects or substantial scope of work
  • There is no clear vision of the final product and a high level of flexibility is required

If you cannot afford or have no need to cooperate with an entire team, consider a team extension model as an alternative. In this case, you will keep in-house specialists and hire the necessary experts on a remote basis. An extended team model is an excellent option for small projects or to delegate some tasks. 

To learn how to effectively manage remote developers, check out this article.

Reasons To Choose a Dedicated Team Model

Frankly speaking, any engagement model has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you need to analyze the specifics of every approach and understand how it can benefit you. The dedicated team model has proven to be effective for large and long-term projects. It also yields wonderful results if you need professional expertise for complex technical tasks. Besides, the dedicated approach to outsourcing engagement delivers the following benefits:


In the modern business world, competition becomes extremely fierce. Therefore, the opportunity to cut expenditures is a precious resource to outperform competitors and stay afloat. That’s one of the key reasons why many companies decide to outsource software development to other countries. Although code writing requires considerable investment anyway, in some parts of the world, including Eastern Europe and Asia, it’s cheaper. Apart from a lower hourly rate, you can also save on office rent and taxes. Moreover, a third-party software development provider will take care of the infrastructure and recruitment procedures. As a result, you won’t need to hire tech-savvy recruiters to form an in-house development team. Besides, the third-party provider will be responsible for the continuous development and training of the staff.

Quick start

If you have decided to outsource the whole project, it well may be that your time to release is limited. In this case, the dedicated team model is an optimum choice to start development as soon as an agreement is signed. Many outsourcing companies already have a large pool of available developers, designers, QA engineers, and other specialists. They will help you plan the roadmap and engage the necessary experts right away. Again, you will save the time otherwise wasted on the tiresome recruitment process. Remember that the number of highly skilled developers is scarce.

Global vision

When you are fully immersed in the development process, you risk losing the big picture. By hiring developers led by a project manager, you can solely participate in decision-making. The dedicated team model allows focusing on primary business activities, marketing, and sales. Your task is just to control the process and give directions when necessary. Thanks to this, your large-scale solutions will be better thought-out and more effective.

Flexible software development

The dedicated model is the best way to tackle the unpredictability of software development. Why? The thing is that a fixed price engagement model is limited to exact tasks and duration. If you need a complex software solution, you can never predict all the back-end, front-end, or design changes. At some point, it may turn out that users don’t like the navigation patterns or expect additional features. The dedicated team will promptly offer solutions to such requests, whereas the fixed price will require total reestimation. Besides, the composition of your remote team can easily be adapted to your current needs.

Improved motivation

Teamwork motivates to show better results. Therefore, hiring developers that have already completed numerous projects together, you can significantly improve the final result. Moreover, it can be more cost-saving than other engagement approaches in the long run. According to estimations, for every $10,000 of disengaged employee’s salary, a company wastes around $3,400 per year. Totaled up, the US economy loses 450-500 billion dollars because of employee disengagement. Cooperating with a full-fledged separate team, you cooperate with people interested in the final success. They willingly support and inspire each other, share knowledge, and brainstorm ideas to find an optimum solution.

Strong technical expertise

If you have never formed a development team, you can face numerous pitfalls doing this on your own. A non-professional cannot evaluate the skills of developers and choose the most suitable technology stack. The cooperation with a third-party provider gives you a reliable backup. Such an outsourcing company can offer you its top specialists that have been tried and tested in other projects. It can build a team of strong experts that complement each other with their technical expertise and soft skills. Besides, a software outsourcing agency has better access to a local software developers pool, and can promptly find a specialist with specific expertise.

The key disadvantages of the dedicated team model manifest themselves in small projects with a limited budget. In this case, it’s better to consult with a software development agency and agree on a more appropriate working approach.

Who May Need To Hire Remote Developers? 

Actually, there are no limitations. Remote software developers can strengthen both startups and large enterprises. For instance, startups, which are usually interested in a quick market release, can leverage outsourcing to speed up the development process. Besides, they will be able to cut expenditures on salaries and infrastructure. Large companies will derive advantages from better management and task allocation. They will focus on more important tasks without the need to form an entire department for a separate project.

In many cases, a company needs only one software product and hiring in-house developers is unprofitable. You will spend a lot of time recruiting and onboarding them to disband a part of the team once the product is launched. The dedicated model is an excellent alternative to avoid such hassle and the resulting problems.

Binariks offers a dedicated team engagement model for long-term and extensive projects. Having considerable expertise in .NET, iOS, Android, Java, React and Angular technology stacks, we provide an optimum price-quality ratio. Contact us to hire dedicated developers in Ukraine and leverage our experience.