How to Become FHIR-Compliant:
Barriers, Approaches,
and Value Explained

Healthcare providers have another barrier to jump over – FHIR-induced interoperability. Statewide, businesses are required to become HIPAA compliant to work with e-health information in a more flexible and safe way. And if they fail to meet HIPAA requirements, they face penalties imposed by the government.

Trying to avoid the cumbersome process of FHIR integration, numerous healthcare providers and third-party administrators try to avoid the use of sensitive member data or keep working with their legacy healthcare solutions, hoping not to be targeted by hackers.

So why do healthcare companies restrain from reaching FHIR interoperability and what simple steps can they take to launch the transformation process? Download the Why & How to Become FHIR-Compliant: Barriers, Approaches, and Value Explained whitepaper to get answers about:

  • What is the FHIR standard?

  • What businesses should consider FHIR integration in software?

  • What are the business benefits of applying the FHIR standard?

  • What are the common barriers for FHIR integration?

  • How to implement the FHIR standard in healthcare solutions?

  • What are the FHIR use cases?

Planning to improve
interoperability with FHIR

Binariks is a trusted tech partner with a proven record of delivering market-ready FHIR integration software development services. What makes Binariks stand out from the competition? Binariks is in a shortlist of the Top 1000 Global Companies, and an AWS Select Consulting, Google Cloud, and Gold Microsoft Partner with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certifications.

The vetted in-house team dedicated to the FHIR standard implementation consists of programmers, quality assurance engineers, business analysts, project managers, and UI/UX designers with extensive experience of developing HIPAA compliant digital solutions that adhere to FHIR standard.

Contact us to learn more about FHIR use cases we’ve covered previously and to book a consultation with our sales representatives.

How to become FHIR-Compliant with Binariks

In the light of the latest CMS and ONC enforcements, the FHIR standard has become an obligatory requirement for participation in Medicare/Medicaid. The transition remains slow: some are reconstructing their healthcare solutions while others are trying to find a workaround. Read about the main challenges and ways of becoming FHIR-compliant in our whitepaper.

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