MVP: The Way to Achieve More with Less Nowadays, a lot of IT startups pop up, but not all of them get to become successful. Sometimes, failures are the consequence of overestimated plans. The desire to create something brilliant almost instantly is often perniciousIf you want to create something of your own but are realistic about your resources, you should learn about MVP and SaaS. Read this article to find out more about MVP development and its cost.

What Do MVP and SaaS Stand for?

Developing an MVP (minimum viable product) is perfect for small startups since it means creating a product that can be used even being raw. Your competitors try to release a perfect version of the product with all of the most popular and useful (as well as actually useless) features included. You, on the other hand, can create a solution with the basic but unique functionality and then gradually extend it.The main aim of MVP product development is to get feedback. The idea is to release your product and hear what users have to say to determine what is really important. So, you will not waste time and resources on something useless – users will tell you what they need. Yes, this takes time, but it saves your resources in the long run and makes the improvements to your app more helpful and valuable for the customers.

MVP software development

SaaS (software as a service) is a part of popular paradigm “something as a service”. It is based on cloud technologies. The idea is to share your product with users without literally selling it to them. Your product is remote; it is used by numerous customers at the same time; the payment is made in the form of a subscription fee or for the number of features used. This model is perfect for startups, especially combined with MVP.

Why Choose MVP for Startups

MVP software development is a good choice for small startups since it requires fewer efforts to release a ready-to-use software product and gives you an opportunity to do it quickly. Also, it helps you avoid creating something useless and add new features according to customers’ needs.

Another key thing about MVPs you should consider is the fact that they can be built from scratch in four months. Isn’t this something all startups are looking for – a quick result? Of course, your product is to be further improved, but you can release it and start gaining real feedback from your users just in four months.

MVP web development can provide you with a website built quickly and rather inexpensively.

Since time and funds are the most important resources, we advise you to consider using MVP for your project.

Actually, some of the companies you all know have used MVP development to launch their products. Do you remember the beginning of Foursquare as an app? It was just a funny way to earn some ridiculous achievements with a strange design. Now, Foursquare is a powerful guide for travelers, and it even has subsidiary apps (Swarm). Uber and Snapchat also began with a minimum set of features – connecting customers and taxi drivers or sending photos – and now they are powerful companies with apps reach in functionality.

3 Types of MVP: Which One Is Yours?

There are three ways of creating your MVP. The difference is in the MVP development process and efforts required. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Oz MVP

Some may consider this to be a kind of a cheat, but it is still a way to create your product. The point is to create an illusion of a fully-automated product which is actually controlled manually. What is the profit? You can test your product without actually launching it, so you will be aware of what users need before its release.

2. Advertisement and Promises

If you are not sure about the future demand for your product, you can create a semblance of its existence without releasing it. Create a site, promote your product-to-be as much as possible. You can ask people to sign up in order to find out how many potential customers are interested in your product. You can also upload a video to YouTube with promises about what your product will be able to do. Seems unfair? Well, this is the story of how Dropbox began.

3. Concierge

This type of MVPs is perfect for gaining some basic information. Choose a person to work with for a week, and you will learn a lot about hundreds of them. This type also requires some manual job, but you can concentrate on a small number of users – perhaps, without even creating a separate app.

No matter which type of MVP you are going to choose, you should remember about doing the market research and customer analysis. It is crucial for everyone who wants to use MVP in product development. Of course, you need to have a clear plan to succeed – it is also worth mentioning again and again. Even the smallest startups should know what they are working on and for which aim.

Building an MVP for SaaS

So, you have read a lot about MVP and ready to apply its benefits to your product. What should you do next? How to create a SaaS MVP?

First of all, always stick to the main principle of MVP – “build, measure, learn”. It is the key thing you should always keep in mind while developing.

Each process begins with defining the problem you want to solve. What are you trying to create? Is it something you need or people need? Understanding the answers to these questions will help you in the future.

As soon as you are ready with the answers and sure that your product is something people do need, you should find the simplest way of solving the problem. This will help you create the algorithm for building your solution.



Make a list of priorities: which features are essential, which are useful, which are just cool and good to have. Obviously, you should start with implementing the first ones.

And, of course, brace yourself. Building an MVP is definitely not a piece of cake and it may be frustrating sometimes, but it will pay off.

That’s Difficult. Can Someone Help Me with MVP?

Sure. There are a lot of teams ready to create anything for you. If you are curious about build SaaS MVP cost, this part of our article is for you.

People wondering how much it costs to build a SaaS MVP often are not just curious but understand what they want to make come true. They have the idea but not the skills necessary for development. In such cases, there are professionals who are ready to help.

Costs on MVP development depend on a variety of factors, including the complexity of your solution and who you choose for this endeavor. Freelancers can do the thing cheaper, but we strongly recommend you to seek the help of trustworthy companies. If you want to know your budget, we suggest you ask for a quotation from several development companies.

In Conclusion

Developing an MVP can be a great option for your startup since it allows you to concentrate on the things that really matter. You can choose to do it yourself or to work with professionals. If your idea is unique and you know it’s worth your efforts and resources, don’t hesitate to work on it.

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