5 Famous React Native Apps

The era of personal computers and laptops is being replaced by the epoch of portative gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. These small devices contain a variety of functions to serve for both personal and business purposes of users. However, the functionality of any devices depends on its stuffing namely software and applications. For this reason, mobile app building enjoys its highest popularity compared to other directions of software development.

The world of mobile devices is shared by two camps – Android users and devotees of Apple products. Actually, there is also a part of users opting for Windows OS but they have a minor value in the ocean of mobile applications. According to this state of affairs, developers have to tear apart between two major platforms and choose one side like in Star Wars. However, the Facebook team decided to change the situation and found a solution to create a mobile product taking into account requirements of both platforms. Thus, the year of 2015 was marked by the introduction of React Native.

Magical Framework for Real Mobile Applications

Since a developer’s society knows various tools for building mobile apps, a reasonable question about peculiarities and advantages of the mentioned framework arises. Some may suppose that React Native applications are cross-platform products and it is only a part of the truth. Naturally, this open source solution has similarities with popular tools for cross-platform development. However, it uses a different approach, which stipulates native rendering plus user native interface components.

A typical application for iOS or its major competitor consists of UI building blocks. The same thing refers to React Native example projects with the necessity to put blocks together via JS and React. In fact, knowledge of JavaScript is half of success in mastering the framework.

Another attractive feature of RN is the incredible performance. Its creators have reviewed the key drawbacks of the mobile development process and made corresponding conclusions. As the result, some elements of the process were improved leading to a burst of popularity of apps built with React Native.

Obviously that any word is better to support with an evidence. If the framework is so great, various leading brands might have chosen it for building their mobile products. And they have. The following React Native apps examples are the true evidence why you should consider this solution for your needs.


We start our rating with the creator of the main character of the article. I suppose that the name of this application does not require any explanation. Every person with a smartphone on the globe knows what Facebook is. In addition to functions aimed at users’ interaction, this brand has presented a generous gift to the world of mobile app development.

The history of RN has begun in 2015. Nowadays, almost each Facebook’s project is associated with using React in one way or another. We will not dithyrambs to the world’s largest social network though it probably deserves a high praise. Anyhow, millions of users have already experienced RN in action by downloading this app on their gadgets. Such amount of fans is the best evidence of a success.


In recent years, this brand has generated millions of devotees and oppositionists. The self-perpetuating leader of the company keeps shocking the world society with his bold ideas and endeavors. And the most amiable feature of the brand is its commitment to a better future free of ecological problems and miscellaneous similar troubles.

Tesla always opts for the best and its choice for React Native application is self-explanatory. Regardless of the OS on your smartphone, you can control your Tesla vehicle or Powerpack with the usable app built with RN. Functions available via the app include the entire control of your vehicle functions, as well as monitor the Powerpack status.


This name can compete with Facebook for the title of leader in our rating. Although the way of communication in Instagram is represented by visual content, the popularity of the app knows no limits. Celebrities, professional footballers, boxers, top models, artists, film directors and even politicians have opted for this solution to express ideas and emotions in the society. You have missed the global trend if your smartphone does not have the Instagram application.

The idea to choose RN and become one of the React Native app examples was bold but presaged troubles. The company has already had the application and creation of new one from the scratch was not the option. Hence, the most difficult way of renovation of the existing product was chosen. And it was worth it. The absence of troubles is inherent to those who do nothing. Instagram developers made their choice and succeeded.


The cohort of famous React Native apps includes the jumped-up nobody under the name of Airbnb. Every day, the number of users chosen this app increases by hundreds. If you are unaware of the purpose of this brand, make a hurry to learn its opportunities. To put in short, Airbnb users can travel without the necessity to accommodate at hotels. The mobile app has created an enormous society of renters and tenants.

Following the example of many companies, Airbnb decided to integrate RN with the existing native app. This idea was associated with large expenses and technical concerns but no regret is observed. Today, users can enjoy functions of this app on both Apple devices and Android-based gadgets.

Twenty Forty-Eight

The above-mentioned react native examples are rather serious and purposeful applications to serve various significant needs of users. However, our life would be boring and dull without entertainment. Therefore, meet a game in our rating of top famous RN products. Although the peak of its popularity falls at 2015, it still attracts users with a chance to assay own strengths and achieve the required number on the screen of tablet or smartphone. The first version of the game appeared on the PC screens due to JavaScript. Shortly afterward, the game migrated to mobile devices.

The mentioned examples of using RN for mobile apps are only a drop in a bucket. You may wonder to know that many applications you regularly use are based on this framework. For example, SnapChat and Skype are the world-known names that also deserve a place on this list. However, the idea of the present article is to reveal the enormous potential of RN for building mobile apps. Perhaps, your brand or company will be the next one to join this group.