11 Tips for Hiring a NodeJS Developer


Looking for a new blood for a sustainable team of developers is a real challenge. In addition to particular requirements to skills and knowledge, it is essential for a candidate to possess personal attributes to fit the community. Naturally, in certain cases, experience and qualification are esteemed higher than an ability to get on well with people. However, a long-term cooperation is better to build a solid foundation and respectful relationships.


As a rule, a hiring process involves versatile activities to understand the value of a certain candidate and its appropriateness to specified requirements. Thus, if a number of candidates aspire to one position, they need to qualify.  Hiring NodeJS developers has the same template of recruitment. However, since there is a need for a specialist of a certain field, requirements to professional attainments will be customized. Do you agree that a driving skill for a person dealing with web app development is a nonsense? Thus, recruiting companies or HR departments apply an individual approach to finding candidates or NodeJS development services.

JS Run-Time Environment

Let’s make a short introduction to NodeJS. This run-time system executes JavaScript code server-side. In simple words, this platform allows creating networking and server-side applications. It cannot be called a young platform since eight years have already passed since it had been introduced. Moreover, such famous companies as PayPal, LinkedIn, and Microsoft opted for this solution to build API and web publishing endpoints of their apps.

Prompts to Hire a Node JS Company or Developer

So, you made your decision for the said platform and began your search for certain executives or contractors. Indeed, in some cases, it is more profitable to find a decent NodeJS development company instead of dealing with versatile recruitment procedures. Nevertheless, if your project foresees a rather long-term perspective or your company’s policy aims at a large-scale implementation of the mentioned JavaScript run-time environment, it is advised to hire a Node JS developer.

The following prompts or tips for recruiting are not associated with some personal attributes or qualities of the candidate. Besides, if you opt to hire a node JS company, the outcome will be the major point to consider. However, how can you detect whether a particular company or individual is a proper choice? On this account, we introduce core attainments required for a decent expert engaged in NodeJS.

  1. Solid JavaScript Knowledge

This is an absolute must. Hiring NodeJS developers without this demand is like assigning a lifeguard that can’t swim. The lack of JS knowledge means that a candidate can’t even program in Node.js. JavaScript on the server is the same as in the browser. It is the major benefit of the language since JS developers can work in all kinds of environments.  A candidate needs to be familiar with the nuances of the language and its model, understand the JS ubiquitous parts that are used on all those platforms.

  1. Complete Understanding Of the Very Run-Time Environment

NodeJS is not JavaScript but one of the foundational elements of its paradigm of everywhere usage. The platform has own architecture and functionality that must be understood by the candidate. A specialist of the chosen NodeJS development company must know all the ins and outs of this run-time environment and have an idea how to solve issues.

  1. Asynchronous Programming

It’s a rather complicated programming model. A candidate has to understand the concept of delegates that would be invoked once a routine has been successfully executed or failed to execute. Asynchronous input/output allows the reduction of the waiting time for requests. Several functions can be executed simultaneously for more efficient and productive work of developers. Without a proper understanding of its workarounds, appropriate actions won’t be able to perform. The lack of this knowledge is a barrier to write efficient code.

  1. Basic Understanding of Front End Technologies

HTML, JS, and CSS are three pillars of front-end development. The necessity of JavaScript knowledge is undisputed. At the same time, two other languages for web development are also a prerequisite for a successful NodeJS specialist.

  1. NodeJS Frameworks

Frameworks exist to expand features and functionality of the said run-time environment. Before to hire a Node JS developer, inquire the candidate about frameworks he or she masters. In fact, there are numerous of them to choose from. If the web developer knows oats in several ones like Koa.js and Total.js or MVC frameworks such as Rails and Strongloop, be sure that the level of experience is rather high.

Attainments in a variety of full stack frameworks guarantee a developer’s passion for his engagement. In other words, his NodeJS skills are updated and improved through learning versatile client-side and server-side frameworks. Other common names in the ecosystem of frameworks include Angular.js, Meteor.js, React, Blaze, and others.

  1. Proficiency in RESTful APIs

Knowledge how to interpret existing API codes to adopt its use to own project is essential. Put it short, this skill foresees handling interactions between multiple systems. On this account, make sure that your candidate has excellent skills in understanding and creating custom application program interfaces based on representational state transfer technology.

  1. Creating Database Schemas That Represent and Support Business Processes

Managing databases is another prerequisite for hiring NodeJS development services. A successful building of Node.js apps is impossible without this skill. In addition to creating database schemes that represent and support business processes, it is essential for web engineers to integrate multiple data sources and databases into a seamless system. The latter skill is important for creating applications that can efficiently serve business workflows of any company.

  1. Data Protection

Today, security has become one of the relevant issues in the digital environment. Since versatile data can be used in various ways, a decent protection is a must. Moreover, the implementation of data protection systems has the highest priority in building web apps or software. If you want to avoid security breaches and steal of data, you should make sure that your developer knows oats in the data protection.

  1. Authentication and Authorization of Users

Another solution to implement web app security is a user authentication/authorization. It is especially relevant for projects with multiple systems, environments, and servers. A qualitative engineer pays attention to security and understands basic principles of this stuff.

  1. Handling Errors

Errors are inherent to both human beings and electronic machines. When we talk about web app development, handling errors is an integral part of the app creating process. For a computer engineer, it is essential to know when to retry an error, continue, log, and crash. Pay a special attention to troubleshooting and syntax manipulation as core skills of your candidate.

  1. Experience

The final prompt is out of the question since it shows the candidate’s engagement in the area of web development with Node JS. As a rule, this requirement is placed at the very beginning of the list. In our case, we decided to rank practical skills higher than the rate of the actual working experience. Considering 8 years of Node.js existence, three years of experience in dealing with this platform is deemed enough for a top class engineer.

Bottom Line

The demand for computer engineers working with NodeJs is steadily rising. If you set a task to recruit a good specialist, make sure to focus on right attainments and individual approach to qualify your candidates.