Best Apps with Artificial Intelligence for Android & iPhone

Artificial intelligence is not the future anymore since this technology is already widely used in our lives. Most sci-fi movies predict rather tragic outcome of using the artificial intelligence. You probably remember the plots of Matrix and Terminator – quite depressive vista is shown in these masterpieces of cinema. However, it is the fantasy of scriptwriter and film directors.

In reality, the AI has already gained its supporters. Everyone knows Siri or Alexa, and these are the perfect example of using AI in day-to-day routine. But, do not think that such advanced technology is limited to such narrow scope of application. The following article introduces the best apps with artificial intelligence that are available for two most popular mobile operating systems – iOS and Android apps.

Android Apps with Artificial Intelligence

We start with AI apps for Android smartphones, since there is a plenty of them if compared with apps for iPhones.


This name of Tony Stark’s personal assistant is well known to the fans of the Marvel Universe. Jarvis app is one of the best AI-powered personal assistants. This app can manage the functions of your smartphone on your behalf. For example, you can open browser or increase volume on your device by just asking Jarvis to do a certain action. The app supports Bluetooth, so you can perform a remote control using a Bluetooth headset.

The functions that Jarvis can perform include sending messages, making calls, setting alarms, as well as providing information about the local weather or the received messages. Jarvis also offers unique actions that are unavailable on similar personal assistant apps. For example, you can set a reminder to a particular contact, and this reminder will be shown during this contacts incoming or outcoming call.

Jarvis offers the “Mark II” upgrade that will be definitely appreciated by the Iron Man fans.


Ozlo is an app similar to Siri. Your interaction with this app is based on asking questions and receiving results on your smartphone. The initial launch of Ozlo requires the specification of zip code that is necessary for providing more accurate data regarding the weather forecast and similar functions.

The topics that you can ask Ozlo are numerous including news, booking hotels, ordering taxi, finding restaurants etc. However, the app is limited to some essential actions such as sending a message or managing schedule. Besides, you will have to type the requests more often than pronounce them.


Initially, this app was designed for Windows Phone. Now, Cortana is available for Android devices, providing numerous benefits and functions comparing to Ozlo or similar personal assistant apps. Cortana is not a simple informative tool. This app assists in managing your schedule and performing rather complicated. For example, Cortana enables scheduling meetings and perfectly handles them.

The function of sending a message to your contact is also available in Cortana. All you need is to say “Cortana, text” and specify a contact. Besides, this app will answer your request about the arriving cargo by browsing your email inbox to find the relevant information.

We suppose that the main flaw of this app is the necessity to have a Microsoft account. Besides, you need to use Outlook for the advanced email functionality.


This personal assistant app will be highly ranked by those who dislike Microsoft. Do you remember the “Ok Google” function? Hound offers its alternative that sounds “Ok Hound”, and then you may ask a question. According to the developers, you can perform almost real conversation with the app and use common phrases rather than keywords.

The main functions of Hound are voice search, sending text messages and making calls. Searching is performed in the form of Q&A. For example, you ask about the location of the nearest gym, and Hound provides you with the relevant answer. Since the assistant app supports GPS, you can search almost everything you need. Besides, using Hound allows you book hotels, make calculations, set alarms, and perform many other actions.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

This product designed by Nuance Communications is a sophisticated app that includes many functions of Cortana and Hound, but also provides such abilities as sending tweets and posting to Facebook.

Dragon Mobile Assistant can be used for managing schedule (setting reminders, adding appointments, etc.). If you need information about any appointments on a particular day, you need to ask Dragon. This application accepts voice requests from the one user, since it learns the voice pattern of a user.

Attentive Mode is another feature of the app. It envisages that the app is always listening to your commands, even if the screen of a device is off.

iOS Apps with Artificial Intelligence

Done with Android and it is time to introduce the products for iOS. Although Siri is wonderful, each person has own vision and taste. If you are a demanding user, look at the following list of apps with artificial intelligence for your iPhone.

Pocket Expense

Pocket Expense is a personal assistant designed for managing financial accounts. This software is marketed as a financial app that allows create and manage budgets, monitor the status of budgets via charts, view financial statistics, track bills, and many other functions associated with the world of finance.

The app offers many features for managing financial accounts, as well as monitoring all types of transactions. Besides, you can set a limit to your budget, and the app will notice you upon approaching this limit. Pocket Expense can be used by both professional financial experts and regular users to deal with the household budget.

Voice Assistant

The user reviews on Voice Assistant are dualistic, since some users praise this AI app, while others complain about bugs and errors. Nevertheless, this personal assistant is worth trying. The main feature is that Voice Assistant supports 30 languages. The app also automatically correct mistakes when converting speech to text.

This AI-powered assistant allows not only send text messages, but also tweets and Facebook messages. Voice Assistance enables searching in Google and YouTube, as well as sharing spoken text with such applications like Dropbox, Pages, Evernote, and QuickOffice.


This personal assistant app provides the users with the information found in accordance with the voice questions. So, if you are interested in some particular issue, you ask Evi, which offers you data or web links that can be followed directly via the built-in browser. An interesting feature of Evi is the availability of a database. This database contains a huge number of facts to provide on a user’s request.

Evi can answer almost any of your question relating to locations, maps, and different points of interest. In addition, this personal assistant app can send text messages to your contacts.


The app is one of the most popular AI-powered apps for iPhones. 24me deals with managing accounts, viewing calendar events, taking notes, receiving reminders, and many other useful functions. The application supports calendars by Google, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. If you have a planned meeting or other event in your agenda, 24me automatically reminds you in accordance with the active account.

The other useful features of 24me include weather forecast notification, reminders of important dates and events, recommendations regarding the time of leaving based on the traffic conditions of the route. Do not expect that the app will annoy you with numerous whistles and bells. 24me is a really great solution to manage your day and cope with the actual tasks of personal assistant.


Another personal assistant app for iPhone is called DataBot. The app is designed to manage your tasks and schedule. With DataBot, you can answer to email, SMS or post on social networks. It is notable that the voice, name, language, and behavior of your AI assistant can be customized according to your preferences. According to the developers, the assistant learns and improves its functionality over time. This app is available in six languages: French, English, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese.