Java Development

Almost two decades of experience in Java development makes Binariks a Java development company of your choice.

Java platform, language is one of the core Binariks competencies. Binariks does software product development and design of different size and complexity ranging from big highly available and fault-tolerant SaaS level 5 applications to mid-size and small Java web application for startups and established businesses.

We provide Java consulting services for creating architecture design, technology selection and proof of concept, and Java development services with our Certified Java Developers and Architects. Binariks experts don’t just provide custom Java development, they create a Java solution for your business.

Binariks provides Java Development Services to build solutions for clients from different industries.

  • Custom Java Applications Development
  • Java Enterprise Application Development (JEE)
  • Java Web Development
  • Java Mobile Application Development (J2ME, Android)
  • Java Applications Migration, Enhancement and Integration
  • Java Application Maintenance
  • Java Application Testing

What we do

  • Java Consulting
  • Ideation and Conceptualization
  • Business Analysis
  • UI/UX Design
  • Architecture design and prototyping
  • HealthCare
  • Banking/FinTech
  • Social Networks
  • Entertainment Software
  • Distribution & Retail

Why Java?

Originally offered as a technology for enhancing websites programs (Applets) that run in the browser, nowadays it is one of the most widely used platforms for application development in the world. From desktop or mobile to web applications and hardware operating systems development, Java can be utilized for creation of just about any solution.

Java open source libraries ensure that it is used everywhere. Apache, Google, RedHat, and other organizations have contributed lots of great libraries, which make Java development easier, faster and more cost-efficient.

Binariks experts use Java for building big and scalable Java enterprise solutions. Java Platform, Enterprise Edition or Java EE Platform provides an API and runtime environment for developing and running enterprise software including web services, multi-tiered, scalable, reliable, and secure network applications. Java EE extends the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) providing an API for object-relational mapping, distributed and multi-tier architectures, and web services. The platform incorporates a design that allows enterprise Java application to run on an application server.

Java for Enterprise

Java for BigData

Java platform and language dominates at server-side. BigData solutions are not an exception. Apache Hadoop is created on Java and with the advent of YARN becomes basically “operation system of your data”. Hadoop along with ecosystem of frameworks and solutions such as in-memory datastore Spark, real-time data processor Apache Storm and super scalable NoSQL data store like HBase, distributed messaging system Apache Kafka, service for streaming logs Apache Flume, stream processing framework Apache Samza become a preferred platform for enterprises that are looking for real-time and near real-time processing of large scale data.

How do they fit together? How to select the right architecture approach that will satisfy your needs?

Binariks experts will help you to choose the right architectural approach, and right components from the Hadoop ecosystem to make sure the solution is efficient and the best suit for your problem.

Java is widely used for mobile application development. Java is the core language of Google’s Android mobile platform. The Android build tool, Gradle, is written in Java, and the Android operating system itself is based on Apache Harmony, a reverse-engineered implementation of Java class libraries. Java is an official language for Android development and its APIs are designed to be called primarily from Java. It is possible to develop C and C++ apps using the Android Native Development Kit (NDK), however, it isn’t something that Google promotes.

There are a lot of different approaches, frameworks for mobile app development. Binariks Java mobile experts will shed light on key challenges and solutions and help you to make the right decision.

Mobile Java

Java in the Cloud

Cloud computing significantly changed the face of Java application development services. Cloud services allow businesses to find ways to save on costs and increase the system’s scalability. The success of web service applications and Software as a Service (SaaS) has led to growing acceptance of Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Cloud computing resources provide Java Development companies with the ability to build new projects at a low cost and scale up quickly if those Java cloud services are successful.

Binariks Java talents have expert knowledge and skills in Java and use the following frameworks and products to build Java solutions:

Java Platforms

  • Java SE,
  • Java EE,
  • Java ME

Java Programming

  • Java Server Pages (JSP),
  • Enterprise Java Beans,
  • Java Server Faces (JSF),
  • Java Mail,
  • Java Applets,
  • Log4J Logging API,
  • XSL,
  • XSLT processing,
  • Apache Commons ++


  • GlassFish,
  • WebLogic,
  • WebSphere,
  • JBoss,
  • Jetty,
  • Tomcat,
  • Geronimo

Java Applications Integration

  • JDBC connectivity,
  • Java Messaging Services (JMS),
  • Remote Method Invocation (RMI),
  • Core and Networking APIs,
  • EDI Support

Security Frameworks

  • JAAS,
  • Acegi

Persistence/ORM Tools

  • Hibernate,
  • iBATIS,
  • TopLink,
  • EclipseLink

Reporting & Business Intelligence

  • JasperReports,
  • JasperServer,
  • BIRT,
  • Pentaho,
  • JFreeChart,
  • SpagoBI

UI Frameworks

  • JSF(Primefaces,
  • Richfaces),
  • GWT


  • Swing,
  • SWT


  • JDBC,
  • JNDI,
  • Scripting,
  • RMI,

Coding Frameworks

  • Spring Framework,
  • Tapestry,
  • Struts,
  • EJB

Test Frameworks

  • JUnit,
  • Mockito,
  • TestNG,
  • EasyMock,
  • PowerMock

CI and Build Tools

  • Ant,
  • Cruise Control,
  • Jenkins/Hudson,
  • Maven

Development IDEs

  • Eclipse,
  • Netbeans


  • Microsoft SQL Server,
  • Oracle,
  • MySQL,
  • PostgreSQL

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