Established Business


Binariks is a reliable partner to execute application modernization initiatives. We help you to make a breakthrough, avoid disruption and become an industry leader.



The biggest challenge an established business faces is business model disruption which is usually driven by technological innovations introduced by competitors. You have ambitious goals to grow your business? You invested a lot of resources in technologies, but the overall system’s complexity is growing and it is hard to understand how it contributes to the company’s future success?

Binariks will empower your engineering organization to modernize your products and systems. Together we will make a breakthrough by incorporating new technologies and tools, by bringing lean and agile methodologies to your engineering organization. We will create a new experience for your customers which will allow you to move faster and transform into the industry’s leader.


Application Modernization Discovery

  • Modernization Assessment
  • Modernization strategy
  • Modernization roadmap
  • Modernization processes

Customer Experience

  • Design Mobile and Web Customer Experience
  • Design and Build responsive websites
  • Wearables
  • Architecture Assessment and Design

Application Modernization

  • Rationalization
  • Re-platforming
  • Re-hosting
  • Re-engineering
  • Migration
  • Support


Web UI





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