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Business Goals

Opus Digitas is an online media platform for user-generated video, with the main goal – to enhance audience engagement through an immersive experience. Opus Digitas is a SaaS platform which allows users collect videos, live or on schedule, invite specific users or groups, curate collected videos with online clipping, merges and transitions, circulate to Social Media, video portals, web and in-app by the single click of a button. You can easily promote your brand by engaging your users and analyze the impact of your published videos through Opus media platform.


The client had a clear vision of a platform that had to be developed and its functionalities. They lacked technical expertise and capacity to implement it properly. As a result, Opus Digitas decided to outsource the development of its product.



After the stage of planning, we started working on the project implementation. Our developers managed to enforce the required functionalities and cope with complex challenges associated with intergrating video-editing options. The technical work on the project was built according to a repetitive two-step cycle involving active development and stabilization. We also showed a remarkable openness to communication and accountability. Our dedicated developers enforced the project with numerous fresh ideas and managed to complete all objectives long before the deadlines. They also were forward-thinking in order to avoid any problems with future modernization of the platform.We conducted numerous code and architecture reviews before delivering a top-quality product to the client.

During that time, we have successfully enhanced the application’s migration to Google Cloud Platform and provided the client with multiple fresh insights and ideas. We modified the existing product and fixed specific problems. One of the most significant challenges faced by our team was the issue of manual data processing, which was very time-consuming. Eventually, Binariks software development specialists have integrated a tool that automates data processing. We also successfully integrated dashboards and other features required for data visualization in the provided product.

Value delivered

The delivered product is demanded on the market since it provides businesses with opportunities to enforce their marketing strategies with video content. The web platform was praised by independent experts, which helped it receive the Product of the Year Award at nab-2019.

Link to website: https://opusdigitas.com/




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