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Market Overview

The size of the healthcare practice management software market has exceeded $8 billion in 2020. This sphere is expected to grow beyond $12 billion in 2024. Reports say that on-premise applications are becoming less widespread, while web-based software and cloud systems turn to be increasingly popular solutions in the domain due to their convenience and data security. 

Patient management applications play a valuable role in market growth because lots of healthcare providers aim at process optimization. In 2016, administrative faults accounted for 250,000 deaths among patients. Such numbers attract more attention to various types of medical management software as to a relevant solution. The most valuable functions of such applications are collecting medical records, patient management, and scheduling of appointments.



Our client is a healthcare technology company from Tennessee, U.S. It provides technology and service that assist health plans. It had purchased numerous telehealth applications focused on caring for citizens that receive long-term support services. The customer decided to optimize the two existing applications from businesses that they had acquired. Such products were focused on providing care services to Medicaid beneficiaries. The customer also requested the development of two new products with similar functionalities: a mobile application for iOS and Android and a web-based app.



Binariks provided a dedicated team to redesign the existing Android application by fixing some issues and expanding its functionalities. SWIFT was chosen as a solution for renewing the iOS app, which had been initially written in Objective-C. We also optimized the iOS application’s kiosk mode to make the product more convenient to use. 

Our developers also used to React Native to create a new mobile app from scratch. PHP and Elixir became solutions in the BackEnd development of the client’s web application. Binariks also ensure the full connectivity of the client’s applications. We integrated Twilio for telehealth to enable more convenient communication between healthcare providers. 

The team worked on the most valuable features of the client’s software:

  • electronic visit verification;
  • 24/7 member & caregiver support;
  • providing benefit management to users.

After delivering the products that meet the client’s requirements, Binariks continues supporting their applications. A comprehensive approach to scheduling, focus on quality, and openness in communication became the factors promoting our long-term cooperation with the client. 



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