Agile Methodology

We at Binariks have proven success record of building software products using Agile methodologies such as SCRUM, Kanban, XP Programming. SCRUM is the most popular framework for complex outsourcing projects. We have been using SCRUM framework for more than 10 years. Scrum provides huge benefits compared to the traditional methods and other Agile methodologies which makes it the de facto industry standard for software development.

While most of our clients rely on Binariks when selecting the right project management methodology at the start of the project, most of them admit that SCRUM framework gives them a good control and provides them with the flexibility to easily change project’s priorities and requirements. Short development cycles (sprints) which last 2-4 weeks allow to rapidly respond to changes without impacting the team productivity.

A more predictable release cycle, built-in testing process, and regular Sprint Reviews lead to a higher quality of the delivered product.

SCRUM promotes transparency which allows us to keep open, honest and trusted partnership relationship with the client. Daily stand-ups, Sprint Reviews, and burndown charts allow all involved parties to easily track and manage the project’s progress.

Binariks management team loves SCRUM because of its superior workforce management capabilities and full visibility of the project status which allow making prompt and right decisions while mitigating risks. Metrics that SCRUM team uses to estimate time, cost and measure project performance make decisions much more relevant and accurate.

SCRUM unlocks the true potential of the team and increases the team’s overall satisfaction. Decision making is on the lowest possible level in SCRUM which motivates and inspires team members. SCRUM provides a safe work environment where people can learn, enjoy autonomy, self-direction, collaboration and full support from other team members.

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