10 Hottest San Francisco Startups in 2018

San Francisco has long been famous for the creativity of its entrepreneurs. It was them who shaped the city into a hub of fresh ideas and innovations. No wonder why so many successful companies that constantly challenge the market to keep up with the latest trends have emerged in San Francisco. Similar to them, new but ambitious startups from this city strive to bring cutting-edge ideas and technologies to constantly changing and demanding market.

If you’re interested in promising young companies, here’s a list of San Francisco startups 2018 you’d want to know about. Each of them achieved its goals in 2017, paving the way to even greater success in 2018.

TOP hottest startups in San Francisco

10) Nurx

Nurx is a birth control app that allows its users to get a birth control prescription without wasting time on visits to the doctor’s office. The company that developed the app was founded in 2015 by Edvard Engesaeth and Hans Gangeskar. At this point, Nurx has received $8 million in funding. Right now the app is available in 16 states across the US, but the developers already have plans for expanding in 2018. What makes this startup unique is that it gives women the opportunity to get prescriptions only by entering their info into the app where doctors review it.

9) Virta Health

The next on our list of hottest San Francisco startups to watch in 2018 is a medical app aimed at providing an individual diabetes treatment, particularly, type 2 diabetes. It was founded in 2014 by Stephen Phinney, Sami Inkinen, and Jeff Volek. Currently, it has received $36.7. The startup stands out from the competition with its main idea: to reverse diabetes instead of helping people maintain their health at one level without any medications or surgery.

8) Motiv

This startup developed a tracker that keeps an eye out for your fitness, sleep, and heart rate called the Motiv ring. Due to its ring-shaped design and a powerful battery, the device can be used around the clock. Motiv was launched in 2013, and it has 4 founders: Michael and Eric Strasser, Peter Twiss, and Curt von Badinski. At the moment, a number of companies invested $20.18 million in the startup. The Motiv ring differs from other similar wearables out there due to its onboard memory that allows the device to work for up to 5 days without connecting to your smartphone, while still storing the data.

7) Brandless

The 7th spot on the list of top startups of San Francisco in 2018 goes to Brandless. It’s a consumer packaged goods startup that specializes in kitchen products. It was founded in 2015 by Ido Leffler, and by now, it has received $50 million in funding. The startup’s uniqueness lies in their original approach: all of its products are offered at a single price of $3, but none of them are branded. So you just get a product you order: no logos, no marketing hype.

6) Affirm

Affirm is a startup that basically lends you money for online shopping. It was launched in 2012 by Max Levchin. Currently, Affirm has received $320 million from a number of investors. Its unique idea lays in both encouraging the user to shop online and loaning them the money for this. This allows shoppers to borrow funds without any hidden fees. The startup also offers its clients a possibility to create an individual plan to pay off the loan.

5) Modsy

Modsy opens the Top-5 of our list of hottest startups of 2018 in San Francisco. This startup gives its clients a possibility to try out furniture in their virtual house before purchasing it. It was founded in 2015 by Shanna Tellermanm and managed to receive $10.75 million in funding. Modsy’s idea is simple yet quite original: it transforms photos clients take of their living space into an online model. Users are free to customize this model to their liking.

4) Figma

Unlike other hot San Francisco startups of 2018 from our list, Figma is aimed at connecting UI designers to make it easier to work on projects together in real time. The startup was founded in 2012 by Evan Wallace and Dylan Field. Its funding reaches $18 million. According to the startup’s main idea, designers can save their projects to return to them later. Besides, other designers can edit their work.

3) Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel (or CMB) is a dating app. It was founded in 2011 by Dawoon, Arum, and Soo Kang. To date, the company has received $16.7M in funding. What’s its main idea? Every day, the app sends 21 matches, known as “bagels” to male users. They whether like the candidates or pass. Then, the app compiles the list of best potential matches for female users from those who “liked” them. The startup is aimed at providing the most exciting and curated online dating experience out there.

2) Slack

Slack is one of the best startup apps working in team building and one of the oldest companies on the list of startups of 2018 in San Francisco. It was founded in 2009 by Eric Costello, Cal Henderson, Stewart Butterfield, and Serguei Mourachov. Slack raised almost $340M in funding.  It’s basically a chatroom for coworkers that increases productivity and productivity. It allows for creating private channels and sending direct messages, keeping the teams connected while working on projects.

1) PayJoy

The first spot on the list of hottest startups in San Francisco in 2018 goes to PayJoy. This company is driven by the idea to give gadgets to those, who have access to the Internet but don’t have the means to do that. The startup was founded in 2015 by Mark Heynen. It has already received $27.15 million. PayJoy offers more liberal loans for smartphones than other vendors by fronting up to 80% of the cost of the device in specific arrangements. To register for PayJoy, you need to upload your government ID, phone number, and FB account into the apps software. No credit history checks.

Sum up

As you can see, San Francisco offers a huge choice of great startups with fresh and original ideas. Whether you want to become a part of a developing company or looking for businesses to invest in, you’ll find something to your taste.