How to Hire Node.js Developers

What is required to make any business prosperous and achieve high results? Various businessmen have own experience and different formula of success but the foundation is the same – the resources. Speaking more detailed, it goes about human resources. It is undisputed that any company is an organization of people executing different functions aimed to achieve a common goal. Hence, the quality of personnel directly affects the development of any campaign or endeavor.
A good employee is a complex notion that consists of a set of different skills, knowledge, character features etc. For example, hiring requirements to a construction engineer are different to software development specialist. On that account, any HR department should apply an individual approach to the recruitment process and be as flexible as possible. In this article, we will pursue a goal to find a balance to hire Node.js developer and get the most benefit from it. Yet, it is important to understand the basics of this task.

Who is Node.js Developer?

At first, let’s try to answer what do Uber, Netflix, eBay, and PayPal have in common? All these famous brands use the JavaScript runtime environment called Node for their web apps. Regular users have no idea and, probably, desire to deepen into the structure of any application. They just enjoy its scalability and efficiency to meet certain needs. Still, each app is a result of multiple efforts of a development team. And this team consists of engineers who are good at some specific areas.
If your company or business needs to hire Node.js developer programmers, you need to separate them from the flow of numerous developers offering their skills on the market. On that account, it is good to understand the key features of the professional you need.
The knowledge of JavaScript is the keystone. This programming language is the basis of many frameworks and tools. Hence, knowing oats in JS is a must for a decent Node engineer.
Another prerequisite is asynchronous programming. It is a peculiar feature of the language, which shows the qualification level of your candidate. Moreover, the efficiency of the code mainly depends on fluent knowledge of this programming model.
The next step you should consider to hire Node.js developer is the background of such frameworks as Express, Hapi, Strongloop, Meteor, and others. They are designed to expand basic functions of the core language and facilitate the app development process.
Building custom ReSTful APIs experience is another bullet point to attract a recruiter’s attention. This skill is very important for a developer to handle interactions in numerous systems.

The pros and cons of hiring node.js developers?

A recruiting process can be either effective or failed. It would be stupid to blame a great software engineer for mistakes made from the very beginning of the project. For this reason, before searching for Node.js development services, it is highly advised to decide whether this language suits your requirements. The following pros and cons should help you.

– A low learning curve for JS developers

Open source

– Asynchronous event-driven input/output processing

– Can be used for building both the server and the client-side

– Active developers community

– Great control over run-time executions

– Unstable API

– Poor support of relational databases.

– Some developers deem the asynchronous programming approach more complicated than the linear blocking input/output programming

– No multi-threaded programming support.

– Not applicable for heavy-computing apps.


Types of hiring

Suppose, you have arrived at the decision to opt for Node.js solutions and started a recruiting campaign. At your disposal, several options to build mutual working relationships with a candidate are available.

Full-time employee

This type foresees a set working schedule (e.g. from Monday to Saturday 8 am to 6 pm), fixed salary including taxes. It is the most widespread option in versatile industries.

Part-time employee

This option has no limitation on working time and payment. As a rule, the employee gets paid for a certain amount of accomplished work. Such type of recruitment has gained a decent popularity in recent years.

Casual employee

This type of hiring is widespread for short-term projects. It is characterized by the lack of regular working schedule, a flexible arrangement between both parties, an increased compensation due to the lack of regular terms and other features stipulated in the contract.

Independent contractor

In fact, such type of recruitment resembles more a contract agreement, in which a customer pays to a contractor for a requested amount of work. No salary or wages is stipulated. Financial relationships are based on invoices and work completion certificates. The contractor is liable to work for other customers and subcontract own tasks to third parties unless it is forbidden under the contract.

The process of hiring Node.js developers

It may seem rather simple to start a recruitment process. All you need is to open a job-search website and select candidates. Despite the apparent simplicity, such questions as “where to seek”, “how to select”, “how to test” and others can become a real trouble even for experienced HR managers. So, let’s single out the major stages of the hiring process.

List of requirements

Before to start your search for Node.js programmers and developers for hire, you have to focus on certain keystones to make your search effective. The list of requirements should contain specific points related to a certain category of specialists, as well as policies that are common to your company. Otherwise speaking, you need to shape a filter to reject inappropriate candidates during the search.


Fortunately, the era of Internet and digital technologies has made everything to streamline any kind of search including the search for job candidates. Nevertheless, it still can be a bit confusing due to a variety of options. Regular and standard places should be your start. Such services as PeoplePerHour, LinkedIn, Upwork, as well as local and international online job-search giants, have the top priority. The second popular place to proceed is social networks and dedicated communities. Specialized events like hackathons or dedicated meetings are also a good place for your fishing.


Once you have filtered the most appropriate candidates, it is time to choose the winner. The verification or testing stage is required. During this stage, an involvement of experienced specialists from the company or independent ones is welcomed.

How to pick the right node.js developers?

Frankly speaking, this question is better to leave unanswered. Perhaps, you will find tons of information about a successful experience from different recruiters. However, they used to neglect negative side of the recruiting process. Still, we can try to build our formula of how to hire node.js developers with success.
So, here is what you need:

– a deep analysis of the recruitment market to know demand and supply

– create a full list of requirements based on realistic terms you can offer to a candidate

– specify your detailed offer

– apply a wide search cover including versatile sources of hiring information

– compose an adequate test for credential verification of candidates

It is most likely that a 100% fulfillment of the said elements will bring the ripest fruits.

How much does it cost?

One of the essential keystones in the hiring process is to agree on compensation. It might be not complicated to find node.js developer but you will have to satisfy his or her salary request. That is a flexible subject meaning that the range is rather big. Those who have no clue about the rate of Node.js developers for hire can draw information from PayScale, GlassDoor or Indeed.
Another important factor is the geolocation of the candidate. The lowest salaries can be encountered in India and Africa while the US provides the priciest offers. Other factors include projects involved in, working experience, additional skills etc. All they increase the rate though some of them may be useless for the purposes of a particular project.

Why Binariks?

If your goal is to create a top-quality product, the most rational option is to find a reputable company, which can provide a set of services for implementing your ideas. Why do you need to hire Node.js developers, when Binariks can offer a complex solution for your requirements?
The company specializes in versatile technologies like Angular, Java, Magento and much more. If you worry about pricing, you will be provided with different options based on the type of work, scope, and your budget. Individual approach to each client is one of the reasons why Binariks gradually improves its position in the global market of software companies.


The final word is up to you. As you can see, the recruitment process can become a real challenge due to numerous factors and variables. At the same time, the ready-made solutions represented by reputable software companies can save your time and efforts.