15 React Native Open-Source Projects You Must Know


Do you know the common feature of Instagram, Skype, Uber Eats, Facebook, and Airbnb? At first glance, all these solutions provide versatile ways of communication for the people. In addition, one can use each of them on a portable device. Here is the point. These are the most famous React Native apps.

Tool for Building Native Products

After the initial launch of a smartphone or tablet, a user is already provided with a set of basic tools including a music and video player, email tool, browser etc. These are known as native tools or apps. They are usually characterized by an access to core functional options of the gadget. Meanwhile, versatile brands promoting their products on the web app market also want to offer a wholesome tool for customers. Such desire can be one of the reasons why developers opt for RN.

If you aim to obtain a decent solution that would be the same regardless of the operating system installed on your portable device, the said framework should be the choice. Do not expect to get a simple explanation of the RN advantage over other tools for creating mobile apps. However, the popularity of React Native apps evidences that this tool is a key player in the mobile app building arena.

Practice is the Best Teacher

Perhaps, you will be inspired by the background of the above-mentioned companies and select the mentioned tool to use for own purposes. A theoretical approach to mastering RN or any other tool is not absolutely effective since a theory needs a practical use of the learned skills. Therefore, most of the computer engineers prefer to review open-source codes as a sample of some language or framework used in practice. Open-source project denotes transparency and openness to the developers’ society. It means that you can watch the building process of a product, as well as participate in it.

There are several places on the web where you can find React Native Open-Source Projects. Obviously, GitHub can be called the most famous one. On this account, we decided to introduce several samples of projects that will be fruitful for your endeavors to master React Native.

RN Projects

Let’s begin our journey across React Native samples with the project built by engineers that had created the said framework.


Indeed, those who created RN also produced the app to navigate the Facebook Developers Conference. The codebase of this product is open to all representatives of the developer’s society. By reviewing this example of using RN you can learn the building process of a both Android and iOS compatible app, as well as to integrate data and optimize the code.

The following React Native projects cannot boast of prominent names but disclose a wide functionality and applicability of the framework for versatile purposes.


A sport holds a special place in the life of millions of people. RN can contribute to this area either. The said app deals with the games and corresponding data within the National Basketball Association. From the developer’s viewpoint, a great variety of things is provided for learning. The emphasis can be made on implementation of UI units. Furthermore, comparing to the architecture of most native products, this sample of React Native open-source projects offers the closest utilization of RN.


If you have a limited set of skills in the said framework, HackerNews is what you need to start the voyage to the more profound React Native examples. In other words, you can use this project as a guidebook to create an app with RN. The bulk of the framework units are implemented here. The app can be a springboard to getting into advanced architectural structures of mobile apps.

Finance App

This project will be interesting to those who deal with charts, versatile data, and third-party APIs in their apps. In other words, the bulk of engineers will appreciate the Finance App since the mentioned features can be found in the majority of mobile applications. Moreover, the popularity of products related to the financial area cannot be undervalued. So, you can learn a lot and implement the received knowledge in numerous future projects.


It is not a joke. Indeed, why not to represent one of React Native examples by the calculator running on the said framework? This app has a single codebase for several platforms including two giants of the world of mobile operating systems. Besides, you will get in the performance of using ReactJS in combination with RN, as well as master the skills to unveil the potential of your codebase. Do not forget the proverb a little can go a long way.


This project can be called the app for freshers or even a boilerplate for two largest operating platforms. Some developers describe Snowflake as a step-by-step guide to get into the essence of RN. When you get acquainted with this sample, you will learn RN router, Redux, as well as miscellaneous other advanced features.


Are you interested in React Native samples of communication platform? Meet GitterMobile that is both a chat platform and a networking client for GitHub users. The technology stack chosen for the app allows reusing the code between native and web platforms. You will get to know navigation, fetch blob, vector icons, transformable image and other integrations of RN.

Kitten Tricks

It depends on you how to use this app. On the one hand, it is a starter kit providing dozens of ready-to-use screens, themes, customizable layouts for your future project. On the other hand, it is an example of applying Realm in RN. No Redux is needed since all elements interact with Realm.


Those who missed this famous TV-series should not worry since you do not need to know the plot or story of the movies to master the architecture of the app. The essence of the project is rather simple all doctors of the said series are listed in the app. The architecture includes three modules. If you want to learn the separation of business logic from mobile representation, the Doctor Who app is what you need.

React Swipeable Views

Swipeable components such as tabs are an integral part of most mobile applications. This project is aimed at facilitating the process of learning React component for web and RN. Developers will appreciate the structure of the project that is divided into four packages including HOC, web implementation, RN implementation, and core logic. If you want to build tabs with eyes closed, opt for this solution.

Gifted Chat

Minimum of dependencies and purely UI components are the reason why this app is present on our list. Actually, it introduces a complete UI for the said framework. Besides, you will get to know how to use API animated library for easier animation of components. If you are building a chat, opt for Gifted Chat!

The final representatives of React Native projects in the list are associated with mobile games and entertainment.

Tetris Clone

This game does not need any introduction. Perhaps, the youngest generations have missed the popularity boom of Tetris. However, most of the people still smile when somebody mentions this game. Actually, there are several clones of the game made with RN. On this account, developers can have a wider look at the possibility to implement various architectures for the single purpose.

Three Dimensional AI Game

It is not a regular game because coders built it for coders. The battle is performed via coding the AI by participants. Thus, you not only play but interact with the RN application and improve your coding skills.

React Solitaire

This card game appeared first on Windows 3.0 by Microsoft. Since then, the popularity of allocating cards reached beyond any confines and the game appeared on portable devices. Solitaire in React was built with Redux and Webpack. The open-source code is useful for reviewing the math statistical intensive underlying engine. You may play first and then peep into the structure or vice versa. Anyhow, you won’t regret.

Master Mind Game

The final project in the list is represented by another classic game. If you have a goal to improve your skills in ES6, ImmutableJS, and Redux, it is a good solution to look at the app. Actually, the skills you learn here are the starting point for more profound applications built with React Native.

Bottom Line

Obviously, the list is rather short. Still, the skills and attainments you will obtain from the above-mentioned projects are obligatory for everyone who wants to get in with React Native.