7 Best Salesforce CRM Alternatives

For several decades Customer Relationship Management software has been facilitating the interaction between businesses and their customers. Although CRM systems are widely implemented by many companies, not all teams can use them effectively. Startups often ignore CRM software for two reasons. The first one is that it’s rather costly – $50 per month (for one user). And the second one is that they can’t be sure it will benefit them at this stage.

In 1999 Salesforce introduced a cheaper alternative to the then existing CRM systems. It was the first SaaS (cloud) CRM. Since then many new CRM products have been introduced. Their developers have been focusing on two main aspects: price and simplicity of use.

Here are seven affordable Web-based CRM products for small and medium-sized businesses. Each of them is offered at less than $25 per user and the price stays the same even if your team grows. Also, they share another specific feature – they are extremely easy to use.

Base CRM

“All-in-one sales platform”, as Base characterizes their product, will be a great solution for those who are looking for a cheap and user-friendly CRM. Using this software, salespeople can win more deals and accelerate their sales. Base CRM features lead management, contact management, and deal tracking. It can also track and record calls as well as analyze sales. Base is also available for Android. With this sales tracking app, which has a clear UI, sales teams can go mobile and increase their productivity greatly.


Base offers a free 14-day trial and three different plans: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

Starter: $25 per user/month, basic sales tracking and customer management for up to 5 users, 2 GB of storage per user, a built-in dialer, task management, email automation, geolocation, and integration with MailChimp, Xero, and others.

Professional: $75 per user/month, 5 GB of storage per user, document management, task automation, and sales forecasting.

Enterprise: $125 per user/month, 10 GB of storage per user, lead scoring, sales intelligence, call analytics, autodialer, product catalog, and multilevel permissions.


Due to its flexibility and simplicity of use, Highrise is popular with small businesses that only start implementing CRM software in their workflow. If you’re familiar with the project management software Basecamp, you should know that it was developed by the

Highrise team. You’ll find Highrise efficient for your successful contact management. If you’re new to CRM software and want to try it out, Highrise can be your first platform.


There are three plans and if you sign up for one of them, you get a free 30-day trial. There are no per user fees.

Basic: $24/month for small teams up to 6 users, 5,000 contacts, 10 deals, and 5GB of storage.

Plus: $49/month, up to 15 users, 20,000 contacts, unlimited deals, and 15 GB of storage.

Premium: $99/month, up to 40 users, 30,000 contacts, unlimited deals, and 30 GB of storage.

They also offer a Free plan: 2 users, no files, and 250 contacts. A Solo plan is available at $29/month and includes 1 user, 5 GB of storage, unlimited deals, and 20,000 contacts.


Pipedrive is another easy-to-use CRM that facilitates the workflow of small and mid-sized businesses. Initially, it was created specifically to fit the needs of small teams. It is available in different languages, supports all major currencies, and can be integrated with the Google apps (Maps, Docs, Gmail). Its visual design reflects the flow of sales pipeline. A smart timeline view allows the sales team to keep track of their upcoming events and estimated dates of sales. There is a master timeline that allows a sales manager to have a look at the timelines of all team members and get a clear idea of the project progress.

Pipedrive is mainly aimed at closing a deal and doesn’t put much emphasis on an enterprise-customer relationship afterward. This can be a good solution for real-estate companies focused on a deal itself.


$12 per user/month, unlimited number of users, and the unlimited number of contacts and storage.


Initially, Nimble was launched as a social CRM. Its “social” status means that it’s integrated with your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts because social media have great sales potential. Nimble has one distinguishing feature that makes it stand out and it is its inbox. All your email correspondence, messages you send to your clients via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are stored in Nimble’s in-CRM message inbox. It also allows you to send messages directly from the CRM. There is one useful feature using which you can monitor your clients’ activity in their social media accounts (view their recent posts and shares). This is what makes Nimble almost one-of-a-kind CRM.


$15 per user/month, 30,000 contacts, and 5GB of storage.


Project management functionality that is integrated into Insightly CRM software allows you to keep track of all your clients and projects. This CRM is a perfect solution for startups and small businesses due to its affordability and friendly interface.


Free: free for 2 users, 10 emails/day, 10 custom fields, 2,500 records, 200 Mb of storage, and online community support.

Basic: $12 per user/month, 500 emails/day, 50 custom fields, 25,000 records, 1 GB of storage, email support, mobile app business card scanner, and onboarding sessions.

Plus: $29 per user/month, 2,500 emails/day, 250 custom fields, 100,000 records, 10 GB of storage, priority email support, mobile app business card scanner, and onboarding sessions.

Professional: $49 per user/month, 5,000 emails/day, 500 custom fields, 250,000 records, 100 GB of storage, priority email support, mobile app business card scanner, and onboarding sessions.

Enterprise: $99 per user/month, 10,000 emails/day, 1000 custom fields, 500,000 records, 250 GB of storage, priority email support, mobile app business card scanner, and onboarding sessions.


This CRM has a very useful feature called Morning Coffee Report. Every morning managers receive an email with an overview of the yesterday’s progress and the latest sales pipeline numbers. A built-in email marketing system based on templates and automation is easy to use and even if you’re new to email marketing you will not have any trouble using PipelineDeals. This software can also carry out automated email campaigns and send you the results of those campaigns.


Standard: $24 per user/month, unlimited contacts, storage, deals and tasks, customer support, and saved searches.

Accelerator: $48 per user/month, Standard plan plus email automation, tracking of email campaigns, email templates and analytics, unlimited customizable fields, and sales process automations.


Nutshell’s easy-to-use tools and attractive design make this CRM software a perfect solution for small businesses. However, with a set of advanced features and high level of customizability this software can be used by large enterprises. One of the most vivid characteristics of this CRM is that it’s simple and intuitive enough to be used by a beginner and at the same time complex enough even for an experienced user. You can set it up so that certain information will be seen for a limited number of users. Also, Nutshell can send out real-time app or email notifications to salespeople to inform them about the current situation.


There are three pricing plans to choose from depending on the needs of your team.

Starter: $22 per user/month, for teams that want to track sales and share customer information.

Pro: $39 per user/month, for teams that want to measure and streamline their sales process.

Pro+: $79 per user/month, includes strategic guidance from Nutshell CRM experts.