Mobile App Development: Top Services of 2016

Human life is getting mobile: after the era of computers, we’re facing the boost of portable devices. In an attempt to satisfy all possible needs of their customers, developers make even the most bizarre ideas real. In this article, we gathered the most popular mobile applications of 2016 and divided those into categories. Read to figure out the latest tech market trends!

Social networking apps

Networking is indeed the core part of our life– all our professional and personal accomplishments depend on socialization. Face-to-face communication isn’t always enough to satisfy the entire gamut of your needs so this group of apps gains the enormous popularity.

Tumblr, for sure, takes blogging to the next level: here, you can post and share anything you want as well as tackle content from millions of other bloggers. Stay in touch with like-minded users and express your mind in the way you like.

Periscope – a live video broadcasting service that gives you an opportunity to stream anytime with the help of your phone camera. Moreover, you can share videos – a recording is stored for 24 hours to let your Twitter or Periscope friends see it.

Snapchat is an innovative service enabling you to share your mind via pictures. It uses the conception of ephemeral messaging – you post “snaps” that disappear right after they’re viewed. It also features the Discover section containing the best interactive content from large publishers.

Timehop is actually like a window to the past. It links to your social media accounts and displays the most interesting things you shared a year ago or even earlier. Thus, your appreciated stuff always remains safe and available.

Swipe is probably, one of the most amazing platforms for sharing content as it doesn’t require you to specify the source of what you post. So your communication just turns into a somewhat mysterious game.

Yik Yak is a location-based app for anonymous messaging targeted at college students. And it is gaining the huge popularity. Text, share, and post in a complete privacy – talk about whatever keeps you in high spirits or makes you feel awkward.

Pinterest is a platform where people (well, mostly women – as the recent study has shown) share and exchange creative ideas about everything. “Pin” your images online and include those to boards your followers will stay tuned for.

Dating apps

This category is actually linked to the previous one, yet it deserves special attention. Online dating is among the key modern trends – you don’t even have to leave your home to attract a prospective match. – the official mobile app for the popular online dating site. Thus, you don’t have to sign up via Facebook. It implements a really smooth interface and personalized match searching. Once you encounter someone special, you can “wink” at her/him to start chatting.

Hinge is a dating app remarkable for its highly intelligent user interface. It allows you to find a mate via your Facebook friends and friends of friends and so on. You can instantly find out if your areas of interest are similar as well as to add your Instagram photos.

Tinder is probably one of the most convenient and functional apps. It enables you to meet people with similar interests (by specifying your preferences in Discovery settings), as well as to see their photos and bios. To run it, you will need a Facebook account. Likewise, you can link it to your Instagram account.

Whim is a fun app that sends you directly on a date. You don’t have to pass any tests or write a self-description: just click on people you like and the app will let you know: who becomes your date tonight, where it happens, and when.

OkCupid – unlike Tinder, it doesn’t require you having a Facebook account. This service provides you with the sufficient information about prospective matches. As you sign up, you pass a comprehensive test that measures your potential compatibility with users visiting your profile.

GameDate is a pretty alluring app launched by SeatGeek, a large online ticket provider. Using it, you can invite a person who attracts you to any event you’d like to visit – be it sports or a music festival. Thus, you are able to share special moments with a mate having the same enthusiasms.

Bumble is much like Tinder yet it also has some unique features. The biggest win of this service is that a girl should text a guy first. Once the app picks a match for a lady, she has 24 hours to message him. After it’s done, a man also has 24 hours to respond.

Coffee Meets Bagel is another app connected to Facebook. It offers a super wide range of searching options. You can set really specific preferences to pick a perfect soul mate. Then you’ve got one “bagel” a day. Within 24 hours, you can send it to a person you are keen on to have a private chat or just pass.

Tastebuds is an amusing service offering you to pick the perfect match just in accordance with your music tastes. While signing up, you answer questions that are mostly related to music so you will connect like-minded users. You can listen to their favorite songs, watch video clips and see artists they like.

Clover actually combines particular features of Tinder and – it’s both easy to use and efficient for choosing a great romance candidate. Besides, the app implements an exclusive tool that allows you to schedule your dates.

Food delivery apps

Our life is too busy to dedicate it to cooking. Sometimes, you just don’t have any time or strength to stick at the kitchen stove. Nowadays, you don’t have to content yourself with junk food – get meals of all kind at short notice.

GrubHub allows you to get any food from the nearby restaurants. With this app, you can make orders, pay, and add meals and restaurants to your favorites. You should merely open the menu and click on certain meals to add them to cart.

Seamless is a simple and rapid service that provides you with meals of any kind. Restaurants are sorted by cuisine – specify which you prefer and discover what eating houses deliver food directly to your place. Moreover, the app enables you to make special requests to remove or add some ingredients.

DoorDash is probably the easiest food delivery service to use. It gives you the list of restaurants and also enables to search for specific meals. As a bonus, this app is that it informs you how long it will take to deliver.

EAT24 is another app offering you to browse food of a particular cuisine or simply use the “What’s Good” section to choose a meal you’d like to try. Full menu, pictures, and client reviews. Monitor your order delivery.

Mobile Health and Workout apps

Healthcare is another modern society’s critical need. People are done with spending tons of money on trainers and dietary consultations. Realizing this, developers get to building personalized fitness applications – now, you can your own coach.

Map My Fitness is indeed a complex and efficient service working with numerous fitness sites and mobile apps. With it, you can log over 600 fitness activities and monitor your performance. Search for nearby sports areas, add those to your favorites and share.

Strava Running and Cycling – quite a remarkable app enabling you to control your activities. Apart from running and cycling tracking, it provides gamified features to turn it all into a sort of competition. You don’t simply train – you set goals and achieve those.

Lose It! If you need an app that would give you advice on healthy lifestyle, this one is right for you. The service gives you all the necessary information about food to consume and activities to take up, as well as sets your personal nutrition and exercise program.

Lifesum is another good solution for those who wish to abandon bad eating habits and get more physically active. This app carefully guides you through the world of fitness so you become healthier step by step. Choose particular goals, receive advice, and track your progress.

Fooducate will become your personal weight loss coach by providing you with a calorie counter and dietary recommendations. The entire advice is picked accordingly to your aims, preferences, and conditions.

Endomondo is a free service designed for people who are into distance sports. Like Map My Fitness, it provides you with a GPS guide on your favorite activities. Moreover, you receive the comprehensive feedback on your condition and accomplishments.

That was our list of the top mobile applications to try in 2016. Yet the progress is unstoppable, and new fantastic services are coming – keep in touch with us to learn more!