How much does it cost to create a design for a mobile app?

A mobile application will not be successful without a good design. It defines how many users your app will draw. A user-friendly application means more customers, increased return on investment, and higher profits.

Why should you hire designers for your app?

A good app developer is able to create a design for your product. But professional designers will always be better in terms of knowledge and experience.

Designing an app may not seem like a big deal, but, in fact, it requires a set of skills. Everyone can learn how to create a picture using Photoshop or other tools. A professional designer, on the other hand, must deeply understand the latest trends and the principles of mobile usability.

What makes app design cost more or less?

The cost of design for mobile app may vary depending on project size, its complexity, and the country your designer lives. In general, the number of features in your app makes it cost more.

What does the cost of app design depend on?

The price of designing an app is affected by a number of conditions and factors. The main factors that wind up the price tag for your app design are project complexity and app designers’ professional level.

Rating app designers’ expertise

The professional level of any app designer depends on three factors: Knowledge, skills, and attitude.

When you rate app designer’s expertise, knowledge plays the key role. The individual approach to different tasks, choosing the best strategies and directions distinguishes a professional designer from others.

And, of course, any knowledge must be backed up by skills.

Besides, every designer should never stop learning and improving his skills. These are the main attributes of attitude.

The process of designing an app

Designers usually distinguish a few steps of their creative process.


It’s the first step where a designer gathers information about an app based on customer’s wishes. Professionals analyze the target audience and their desires.

Mapping and wireframing

After all the info has been gathered, designers start creating first sketches of an app on paper. Here they try to predict how users will interact with screens. Wireframing is a process of creating a skeletal framework of an app to see how it works.

UI and UX designing

The better the user experience design, the more comfortable your app feels. Here developers must take various features into account, such as buttons and spacing or the convenience of navigation. UI designers then create an overall appearance of an app.

How much can an app cost in terms of the project complexity?

At an average price of $50, the cost for wireframes design services can vary from $700 to $7.000, UI design will cost from $700 to 10.500, and UX design – from $350 to $10.000.

The average cost of app design

All designers charge by the hour, so the price varies depending on the amount of time spent on a project. In terms of the country where a designer lives, the cost of mobile app design may vary from about $2000 up to $35000 and even more.

Why does the application design cost a lot?

That’s because even the smallest apps can be complex. Not to mention additional costs, such as office maintenance or salaries.

The difference between iOS and Android app design cost

The cost of iOS app design

The iOS app design costs a lot mostly because App Store apps bring more money than ones from Play Store. Besides, Apple has pretty strict design guidelines.

The cost of Android app design

Designing Android apps has not been as controlled as designing iOS ones until 2015. So, there were no design guidelines to follow which made Android app designing less pricey.


Your app will never become popular without a good design. Don’t try to save some money when investing in it and find a skilled professional who will make your app attractive to users.